Charcoal ovens for unlimited cooking possibilities

Charcoal ovens are a splendid combination of a standard grill and oven in one appliance. This unique mixture can be used for a variety of food and in a variety of places. Kopaoven charcoal ovens for sale is perfect for restaurants, since it shortens the preparation time and consumes significantly less charcoal than similar products. At the same time the charcoal ovens can be used for the preparation of starters, main dishes and desserts – all with the same product. Charcoal ovens extend the offer of bars and simplify the catering services. We can even use charcoal ovens outdoors – without electricity or gas and our charcoal oven machine can easily feed up to 150 people.
Charcoal oven made food is not only suitable for professional kitchens, it is also perfect for any yard. Grilled food is healthier and tastier and with our outdoor charcoal pizza oven you can prepare pizza like a professional – and that outside. Your kitchen will remain spotless and odour-free.

The food, prepared with the charcoal ovens

You can use our charcoal ovens for sale for preparing almost any food you want (we still haven’t found a reasonable way to prepare a soup, but we’re sure that with some imagination even that is possible).
Charcoal oven is a must for grilled meat and fish, perfect for potatoes, zucchini, asparagus, peppers and other vegetables, mushrooms, pizza, bread, pan dishes and even for desserts. A pie or cake, baked with the charcoal oven, will take you by surprise – it will be perfectly done and retain the juiciness and flavour of the fresh fruit.
If you want to complement your food business with a charcoal oven or enjoy the perfectly made dishes at home, check our charcoal ovens for sale.

Charcoal ovens for sale at Kopaoven

Our charcoal ovens for sale ensure: the highest quality, durability, versatile usage, simple handling and affordable prices. All the charcoal ovens for sale have been approved and tested by professionals, who know what an outdoor cooking experience should be like. Your investment will return quickly, the installation prices are low and you will gain new satisfied customers. We offer several types of charcoal ovens, so it will be easy to integrate them into your existing kitchen.
At Kopaoven there are several charcoal ovens for sale, check them out on our website or contact us for more information.

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