How did it all start?

At the beginning of 2014, the demand for grill ovens was increasing. Customers came to us because they wanted a grill oven, but the availability was rather limited and not suited to their purpose. We thought the project had great potential and we immediately started researching the field and made our first product. It turned our very well, so we started marketing it and it just took off from there.

The Kopa grill oven is significantly more complex product than the it first appeared. We also put great effort into the right design and came up with great solution with our industrial designer. The oven can be even placed in plain view of customers and the restaurant’s theme can built around the oven. Our customers are extremely pleased with the look and functionality of the oven, which makes us really proud of our product.

When we received our first major order, the customer was absolutely thrilled with the product, which created new opportunities and opened new markets for us.

We are concentrating our development into innovative and quality grilling products offering solutions to our customers in the field of grilling.

We are proud of our history

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The UNIS TOS company is established.

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The company is renamed Kops d.d.


The company is taken over by O.G.I. Equipment d.o.o..


A subsidiary company under the name of Kops proizvodnja d.o.o. is established, and renamed Kops pro d.o.o. two years later

It took us only 18 month
to enter following markets:

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