A big charcoal OVEN bbq grill - Kopa TYPE 500OC

Charcoal oven Kopa Type 500 OC big charcoal grill features a two level heated rack. The heated rack of the coal grill is used for keeping food warm and for temporary disposal of food, plates etc.. The heat intensity of the bbq charcoal oven grill is less intensive as in the heated cabinet, but is easily accessible since there are no doors to open and close. This big charcoal grill is suitable for kitchens where speed matters. Heated rack of the coal bbq grill has one height adjustable shelf. Food can be placed on plates on top of the coal bbq oven and on the shelf of the rack.


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Charcoal oven bbq grill type 500oc

Available in these colours:

Shiny Metal & Gold

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