Charcoal ovens are a great addition to every restaurant, bar or home kitchen. The food preparation technique dates back to the 17th century in the Caribbean and South America. Back then, they placed meat on sticks and called it Barbacoa. Today barbecuing is a deeply rooted tradition in various countries around the world. Even though its humble beginnings date back thousands and thousands of years, just like back then, it continues to bring people together.

We decided that we want to be a part of that long tradition and provide restaurant owners and chefs with professional charcoal grill ovens that will help them produce tastier dishes and reduce the cost of operation. As a solution provider for grilling in a commercial kitchen, we strive for high quality and durability. Our charcoal grills are significantly complex products manufactured from carefully selected materials. Robot and laser technology allowed us a high rate of repeatability, affecting reliability and high-quality manufacturing.


Professional charcoal grill ovens are versatile and easy to use

Charcoal ovens, as the name states, use charcoal to cook the food directly over the heat, infusing it with a distinct smokey flavour. With plenty of room, they ensure easy cooking, smoking, searing, grilling and baking. Chefs can prepare food such as fish, meat, vegetables, and can even bake bread or cook pan dishes. Professional charcoal grill ovens offer simple, quick and reliable use with a high capacity-to-size ratio. Most restaurant owners appreciate efficiency, low running and installation costs, various colour options and fast return on the investment.

These BBQs have a unique, yet fully mobile design independent from electricity and gas supply. For optimal mobility charcoal grills can be fitted with wheels. That is one feature caterers appreciate the most, as the barbecue, as a novelty, allows them to give the guests a culinary show. The latest technology in barbecuing and cooking has successfully combined a kitchen oven with the outdoor BBQ and revolutionised food preparation. All-in-one equipment is incredibly versatile yet easy to use. Prepared dishes will have distinct aromas, magnificent flavour and marvellous texture.


What are some of the benefits of charcoal ovens?

Charcoal grills offer many advantages, the most crucial being lower charcoal consumption. Controlled air movement inside the oven and high-quality insulation ensure 50% less charcoal use than the conventional barbecue of the same capacity. Professional charcoal grill ovens control the temperature using two vents. The bottom hatch is used only at start-up and is usually closed during operation, while the top vent moves and controls the temperature. Due to quality manufacturing, the heat is distributed quickly and evenly, giving the dish consistency.

Superb insulation prevents heat loss, significantly reduces burn risk and prevents heating of the surrounding area. It also saves on operating and energy costs. Charcoal ovens are 40% faster than other open BBQs, giving the chef 66% more throughput, which is crucial in a high-paced environment. One of the many advantages is also the design. The innovative and ergonomically friendly structure ensures that the barbecues are a perfect solution for every kitchen, big or small.


Professional charcoal grill ovens Kopa are available in different layouts

Charcoal grills Kopa are made of first-rate refractory stainless steel and finished with an enamelled colour, guaranteeing longevity and shine. Functional exterior and simple yet effective design ensure fast cooking and simple maintenance. Charcoal ovens are available in various layouts. The basic layout has everything for a simple start at grilling. They are specially designed for kitchens with limited space, such as food trucks and smaller fast-food or “à la carte” restaurants with up to 110 seats. They have a fully adjustable air regulator and a heat-resistant stainless steel handle

C layout is an upgrade of the base model. Depending on type, it is suitable for 50, 90 or 110 seats. It features a two-level warming cabinet heated via the chimney and the air vents. The cabinet that requires no additional energy source, can be used to slow-cook vegetables or preheat meat. Kopa charcoal grills with the OC layout have two-level heated racks. They guarantee more space in the kitchen and are used to store cooked food or keep it warm. The OC was designed for kitchens where speed matters.

S layout is another upgrade featuring an added stand with a storage cabinet, which can be used for storing necessary equipment. The SOC layout units model “OC” and “S”. The added storage space under the charcoal or utensils guarantees efficiency and cleanliness.

The SC layout was made in the same optics as the BBQ, so it is suitable for front cooking where presentation matters. A stand on legs or wheels and a heated cabinet add extra space and greater flexibility that is much needed in a busy kitchen. Besides classic designs Kopa, our offer also entails low-temperature smoking ovens, Kopa Robata, a Japanese-style multi-level barbecue, Kopa Hibachi & Yakitori, a powerful table-top BBQ, and Kopa Parilla Argentine-type lift grill.

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