Indoor bbq charcoal OVEN grill type 500

Number of covers: 90
Entry model size: 912 x 700 x 1.062 mm
Grill rack size: 530 x 764 mm
Entry model weight: 210 kg

Indoor bbq charcoal oven grill type 500














Charcoal BBQ oven will reduce cooking time for at least 30% which will ensure more working space and higher level of organisation for every cook. Charcoal BBQ ovens are usually made of stainless steel which ensures long term use of charcoal oven. The temperature in charcoal oven is kept constantly high, helping you quickly cook meat, fish and vegetables that taste excellent. In charcoal BBQ oven you can prepare almost any type of food. You can make meat or vegetables in charcoal oven and even pizza can be prepared in charcoal oven too. You can also use charcoal grill as oven, which will give food prepared in ovens additional taste of smokiness that everybody loves. You can choose from a variety of colours of charcoal ovens – make sure you will choose the best one for your kitchen! Take a look at our web site and choose from a variety of charcoal pizza ovens, BBQ ovens and other types of charcoal ovens. In case of any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to describe you how to use charcoal grill as oven.

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