Charcoal oven grill - Kopa charcoal grill oven leading a revolution!

Charcoal oven grill Kopa is a true grilling perfection, suitable for:

  • meat and fish dishes
  • all kinds of vegetables
  • smoking
  • use of pans
  • flat breads, pies and pizzas

Contrary to traditional grills, this charcoal grill pizza oven is the right choice for both indoor and outdoor grilling! Even more, it has all the advantages of high-end kitchen equipment while retaining an affordable price for both cateres, resturants and home owners. Customers can choose between several dimension of this outstanding charcoal grill with pizza oven, as well as various colour combination.

Outstanding charcoal oven grill – a true all-rounder

Kopa charcoal grill oven combines all the advantages of gas or electric grills as well as conventional indoor ovens. This charcoal oven grill offers, among others:

  • superior taste and charcoal grill flavour, more appealing looks of food and more economical use compared to gas and electric grills
  • shorter cooking time, lower charcoal consumption, low heat radiation, jucier food, no special installation, cleaner working environment compared to conventional charcoal grills
  • elegant, more appealing design, very light door movement, low charcoal consumption and low heat radiation compared to similar charcoal oven grills for sale

Furthermore, Kopa pizza oven charcoal grill delights every cook with its incredibly simple use! It is thus highly suitable for less experienced chefs as well as anyone looking to save time and effort while cooking. Kopa charcoal grill pizza oven ensures that chefs can fully concentrate on preparing highest-quality dishes by providing the easiest use!

Enter the world of Kopa charcoal grill oven

This modern charcoal pizza oven grill is causing something of a revolution – raising the benchmark for food quality all over the world. Kopa has been used by chefs in high-end restaurants across the globe and continues to reach new markets! On the other hand, domestic users appreciate the many advantages of this revolutionary charcoal oven grill, including simple use, quality aroma, stunning design and low installation costs. Several models of this pizza oven charcoal grill are available to make sure everyone can find something perfect to suit their needs! The perfect excuse for throwing those summer garden parties or surprising your friends with a winter grilling delight is here! Get in touch via the contact form to get all the exclusive detials on this one-of-a-kind charcoal grill oven today!

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