Kopa 300SOC - the best barbecue CHARCOAL OVEN grill

The charcoal oven Kopa Type 300 SOC unites models "S" and "OC". Use the storage space under the barbecue grill to store cooking utensils, which will help you work faster and more efficiently - even in front of guests. The heated rack of the best barbecue grill is used for disposal of food and utensils and for keeping food warm. Added wheels make the barbecue grill a mobile unit which can be moved inside the restaurant or outdoors, depending on your needs - which proves why Kopa is the best barbecue grill brand.

Wheels are optional.


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Barbecue charcoal oven grill 300soc

   Available in these colours:

Shiny Metal & Gold
























Are you asking yourself how to make charcoal oven useful? We prepared for you a charcoal BBQ oven with a lot of space under the oven, where you can store kitchen tools. Charcoal ovens are mostly made of stainless steel and  consequently very durable. In charcoal ovens you can prepare almost any type of food, from meat to pizzas and even vegetables, which will taste delicious. And how to make charcoal oven to best suit in your restaurant you ask? You can choose between variety of colour available and as a result make the charcoal oven for restaurant suit best into your kitchen. It is very easy to operate with charcoal BBQ oven. The temperature is regulated with two hatches, which can be easily opened or closed. Cooking in charcoal oven is faster and also easier than cooking in other type of ovens. In addition, with charcoal oven in restaurant, you will use much less energy and time, while cooking. In case in any further questions about

how to make charcoal oven suit best your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us,

we will be happy to help you.

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