CHARCOAL oven Restaurant  grill Type 400SOC

The Kopa restaurant charcoal grill oven type 400 SOC unites models "S" and "OC". Use the storage space under the restaurant charcoal grill to store cooking utensils, which will help you work faster and more efficiently - even in front of guests. The heated rack of the charcoal grill is used for disposal of food and utensils and for keeping food warm. Added wheels make the restaurant charcoal grill oven a mobile unit which can be moved inside the restaurant or outdoors, depending on your grilling needs.


Wheels are optional.


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How to make charcoal oven best suitable for your kitchen you ask? In our company we are offering you many different types of charcoal ovens. You can choose from indoor and outdoor charcoal ovens. In addition, ovens can be used for preparation of variety of food. You can make delicious pizzas, steaks with the smoky aroma and even vegetable taste incredible when prepared in charcoal oven. If there is a question how to make a charcoal oven fit in your kitchen, there is an easy answer to that. Choose among different colours and decide for one that will perfectly fit in your kitchen. Furthermore, charcoal ovens are designed very practically. Under the oven, there is lot of storage, where you can keep your kitchen tools. Cooking will be easier and faster when all of the equipment will be tidy up in one place! Are you wondering how to make a charcoal oven temperature perfect for preparing best possible dishes? It is extremely easy. The heat is regulated with two hatches, that can be opened when you want to increase the temperature and closed when temperature must be lower. Due to the constant temperature in indoor and outdoor charcoal oven, food will gain constant texture and will remain juicy. Take a look at our web side and choose from variety of different options. Don’t miss charcoal fired brick oven that can be placed in the outer kitchen. Charcoal fired brick oven will satisfy even your most demanding guests whit its looks and also with food, baked in the oven.

Charcoal oven restaurant grill type 400soc

Available in these colours:

Shiny Metal & Gold

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