Pizza oven charcoal OVEN grill - best pizza oven in town

Pizza oven charcoal grill is the best combination of charcoal oven and grill. Why is it the best? Due to special smouldering system inside of the charcoal grill pizza oven it prevents the food from burning yet the dishes are prepared fast and have a delicious aroma. If you want to know how pizza oven charcoal grill works, read further!

Pizza oven charcoal grill is a highly technological and sustainable oven as it uses less energy as classical pizza ovens, it is also faster than most charcoal grill ovens on the market and it distributes the heat evenly which makes different kinds of dishes cook throughout. The elegant design of the charcoal oven grill and easy-to-use monitor will leave you speechless. Pizza oven charcoal grill by Kopa gives special, naturally grilled aroma to the dishes thanks to the charcoal, a material that is gaining it’s popularity nowadays.

Pizza oven charcoal grill – innovation story

Kopa charcoal grill pizza ovens were invented in 2014 due to constant request from the customers. Special efford was made for the pizza oven charcoal grill to look elegant and to be functional at the same time. The Kopa charcoal grill oven uses less charcoal as conventional grill ovens when already charcoal as material is a low cost material. Low running and instalation costs make the charcoal grill oven very popular. Use charcoal grill as oven and you will be able to bake as many different kinds of dishes as you can imagine. The quality of food that comes from the pizza oven charcoal grill of this kind will amaze your guests. Do not hesitate to get this sleek charcoal grill oven for your kitchen and use it now!

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