We want to help you make better, juicier charcoal flavored food, prepared in less time with less energy cost in a more comfortable kitchen environment.

Why Kopa Oven?

Lower charcoal Consumption

Compared to other ovens with the same capacity, the Kopa charcoal grill oven has an important advantage – it saves on energy and operating costs. If you use e.g. an open charcoal grill, you would use 45% more charcoal.

Quality manufacture

The steady radiation in the charcoal oven interior makes the charcoal distribute heat quickly and evenly, which gives the dish substantial consistency. The quality of the Kopa grill oven’s innovative construction.


We made sure that grilling in the Kopa charcoal grill oven saves you at least 30% of time compared to grilling on an open charcoal grill. Just to illustrate, a medium-rare 4 centimetre beef steak weighing 350g will take you only 4 minutes to prepare.

Ergonomically friendly

The steady radiation in the charcoal oven interior makes the charcoal distribute heat quickly and evenly, which gives the dish substantial consistency. The quality of the Kopa grill oven’s innovative construction.

Kopa Charcoal ovens

Professional charcoal grill ovens

Innovative modern grill for grilling in a vented sealed oven.
Delicious primal heat flavors. Juicier meats and perfectly textured seafood. Efficient energy conservation with up to 50% less charcoal use than traditional open grills. Easy heat management for a searing and braising. Join the charcoal oven revolution.

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Kopa Hibachi & Yakitori

Powerful table-top charcoal grills

Powerful table-top charcoal grills Intended for a heavy duty professional kitchen environment.

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Kopa Robata

Japanese style multi level charcoal grill.

Kopa Robata is a versatile charcoal grill with multi-level / multi-zone grilling capabilities. Stable temperatures, consistent grilling results, and long life are just some of attributes of this outstanding grill.

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Kopa Parilla

Argentine-style grill

This Argentine type grill is a show maker. It will definitely cause your customers to stop, watch and take pictures. With the chained superstructure with a large wheel to lift and lower the grilling surface it is best served in front cooking environment.

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Kopa Accessories

Improve your cooking experience

Kopa Accessories are tools to help you cook or look better. All Accessories are made of premium materials carefully made in our factory or chosen from best suppliers.

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Please take a few minutes to browse our recipe collection that will you make see what is possible to do on Kopa products. Please use this as a guideline and then let your imagination do the rest to further explore our wonderful products.

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Latest events

16. September 2019

Where to find us in future

05.-07. October 2015 London Restaurant show at Olympia 24.-27. October 2015 - "Host Milano" One of the most important hospitality exhibitions in Europe Hotel 2015 fair in Bolzano 19. - 22. October 2015. Split in November 2015. With our Croatian representative, the MMC company. Intergastra 2016 in Stuttgart Halle 1 Stand 1A55 20. - 24. February 2016 Horecava in Amsterdam 11. - 14. January 2016
host 2019 2
01. September 2019

Lyon – SIRHA 2019

In 2019 Kopa again successfully presented itself in Lyon.
fair lyon 2019
16. August 2019

Amsterdam – Horecava 2019

Another exhibition in Amsterdam
fair horecava 2019
17. September 2018

Dubai – Gulf Host 2018

This was the second exhibition of KOPA at Gulfhost in Dubai. First time with live cooking. More on: https://vimeo.com/298964930
fair dubai 2018 2
16. September 2018

Singapore – FHA 2018

In 2018 Kopa was for the first time present in the Far East. With a very successful show in Singapore.
fair singapore2018
16. September 2018

Amsterdam – Horecava 2018

Joint presentation with Van Gestel in Amsterdam 2018
horecava 2017 1
13. November 2017

Milano – 2017

More on: https://vimeo.com/241131601
milano 2017 1
23. October 2015

HOGA Fair in Nuremberg

This was the first presentation of our grill oven in Germany and the feedback was excellent. This was the first time German visitors had experienced our products and they were simply amazed by the versatility and results, because they had never seen a product quite like ours. This was a trade fair for hotels and catering and our stand received a special presentation. We made many excellent contacts.
hoga fair nuremberg
20. June 2015

Culinary Slovenia under Hayracks in Šentrupert

We also took our Kopa oven to the event in entrupert. Tomaž Kavčič prepared the food and kept our guests entertained, which drew quite a big crowd to our stand and they loved our Kopa grill oven.
culinary slovenia sentrupert
10. June 2015

Kopa grill ovens with the famous chef Tomaž Kavčič

We attended the fair together with our Kopa grill oven and Tomaž Kavčič, the famous grill chef. The festival, organised by chef Genaro Esposito, was one of the more important culinary events in Italy. The festival lasted for three days and we made a lot of contacts and connections.
tomaz kavcic
The guests are more satisfied because they receive dishes sooner than before with better quality and I am more happy as an owner because we do more covers at night.

Eugène van Angelbeek
De Veranda Restaurant Amsterdam

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