We want to help you make better, juicier charcoal flavored food prepared
in less time with less energy cost in a more comfortable kitchen environment.

NEW: Kopa smoking oven - Slow cooking Charcoal Oven

Traditional wood oven for the kitchen of the 21st century. Slowly cooked dishes that were till now possible to prepare only with a use of traditional wood ovens and cooking methods, can now be prepared in an oven that is hygienically suited for restaurants and is electronically controlled for the ease of use.

Slow cooking Charcoal Oven


Rediscover Grilling - Professional grill charcoal ovens

Kopa is the perfect combination of grill and charcoal oven. Controlled smouldering of the charcoal inside the grill charcoal oven prevents flames from breaking out, which is why the surface of the food isn't scorched, and the high-quality insulation system allows you to prepare succulent dishes quickly with a unique BBQ aroma. Our products are the end result of a highly technological process, with economical energy use and an elegant design at an affordable price. We provide various optional extras to help you adapt your Kopa adapt to your demands and combine with other high-end kitchen equipment to form the complete image of a modern kitchen.

Charcoal Oven Kopa


Compared to other ovens with the same capacity, the Kopa grill charcoal oven has an important advantage – it saves on energy and operating costs. If you use e.g. an outdoor grill, you would use 45% more charcoal. Furthermore, using high-quality charcoal makes Kopa grill charcoal ovens more efficient than comparable electric or gas ovens.



We made sure that grilling in the Kopa grill charcoal oven saves you at least 30% of time compared to grilling on an open charcoal grill. Just to illustrate, a medium-rare 4 centimetre beef steak weighing 350g will take you only 4 minutes to prepare.



Kopa combines a grill with an charcoal oven to make it possible to prepare many different dishes. The temperature is kept constantly high, helping you quickly cook meat, fish and vegetables that taste excellent. It is also suitable for pizzas, flatbread and dishes in pans.



The steady radiation in the charcoal oven interior makes the charcoal distribute heat quickly and evenly, which gives the dish substantial consistency. The quality of the Kopa grill oven's innovative construction is seen in all its products through distinct texture, tempting aroma and excellent taste.



When starting a fire in the Kopa grill oven, the heat is regulated with the two hatches. Open both when igniting the kindling; after you reach the desired temperature, close the bottom vent and regulate the heat with the upper vent. It's as easy as that. You can constantly monitor the temperature with the gauge on the charcoal oven door.



In a busy kitchen with long working hours, opening and closing the oven door is not just a detail. We developed a special system that allows you to open and close the door safely with only one finger. The insulation not only significantly reduces heath risk, but it also prevents heating of the surrounding area. The cook is spared unbearable heat, reducing and stress is reduced and consequently helping him to concentrate on preparing food.

Charcoal Oven Kopa

Charcoal Oven Kopa

Charcoal Oven Kopa

Charcoal Oven Kopa


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Charcoal Oven Kopa

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Whether you are a beginner or a top chef, we make your grilled dishes taste better. Prepare meat and fish, vegetables, flatbread etc. Food can also be smoked, and you can even use pans.

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