Indoor charcoal OVEN grill is revolutionizing the preparation of grilled dishes

Indoor charcoal oven grill is the newest trend in cooking that has revolutionized the restaurant world and is now taking over home kitchens as well. An indoor charcoal bbq grill oven allows you to grill food in a safe and controlled environment. The indoor charcoal oven grill is bringing grilling into your home, regardless of the weather and temperatures outside. Find out where you can buy the best commercial indoor charcoal oven grills for restaurants and home kitchens.

What is an indoor charcoal grill oven?

Indoor charcoal oven grill for kitchens is a versatile appliance, a cross between a bbq grill and an electric oven that allows you to grill and broil your food in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can cook many different dishes with the indoor charcoal grill oven, from meat and fish, to vegetables, pizza and even panned dishes. All food, prepared in an indoor grill oven, has a succulent texture and a wonderful smoked aroma and taste. Having a professional indoor charcoal grill oven in your kitchen allows you to cook like a grill master with little or no experience.

Where are professional indoor charcoal grill ovens most commonly used?

Today most restaurants have commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurants. Commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurants simplify the food preparation process, are 30 % faster than regular ovens, have a 45 % lower charcoal consumption than regular grills and give food a unique texture, taste and aroma, without scorching it, which can only be achieved with the best charcoal bbq grill oven. The ovens are simple to use, ergonomically friendly, safe, manageable and efficient, so there is no surprise why professional and amateur chefs alike are simply in love with this amazing all-in-one appliance.

Which indoor charcoal oven bbq grill should I choose?

The most popular choice of professional indoor charcoal grill for kitchens is the Kopa grill oven. Kopa is one of the top European manufacturers of indoor charcoal grill ovens. We are constantly innovating and improving our products to make them more technologically advanced, as well as customer and environment friendly. We produce commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurants and indoor charcoal grill ovens for home users. We also have a wide variety of other equipment to choose from.

Find top quality commercial indoor charcoal grills and ovens for restaurants and home kitchens at our website.

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