The charcoal oven grill - quickly prepare your favourite tastiest dishes

Charcoal oven grills have been around for quite some time, making the most of both worlds
– bringing the scrumptious grill aroma to your food
– ensuring a simple preparation method that can also be achieved indoors
Perfectly suitable for home use, catering or restaurants of all sizes, charcoal oven grills are widely regarded as the perfect solution for those who want the tastiest dishes. But how to pick the best charcoal oven grill? Look no further than Kopa, brought to you by Slovenian-based company Kops with 4 decades of experience in this field.

Our innovative product development team have been asking how to make a charcoal oven that completely breaks the boundaries of kitchen equipment. We wanted to make a ground-breaking charcoal in oven grill that brings the tastiest food in the shortest amount of time. Compared to similar products, Kopa oven has a range of important advantages including:
– Very light door movement, making it simple to use and minimising the energy losses that come from constant opening and closing of your oven
– Considerably lower charcoal consumption, saving you money in the long-run and making the most of natural resources we have available
– Low heat radiation and elegant, more appealing design
Many chefs across the world have hailed Kopa as the charcoal oven grill of their dreams! Our story of innovation dates back to 1972, while the Kopa grill oven is a younger product, dating back to 2014 when demand for grill ovens was increasing rapidly. Our customers are continuously pleased with both the look and functionality of the oven. In mere 18 months, we have entered markets in Austria, Sweden, Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, Latvia and many other places across the world.

One of the many benefits of Kopa charcoal in oven is definitely its versatility. Home users consistently praise the stunning appearance and very easy use. Furthermore, user testimonials agree that Kopa can ensure that even an average cook can prepare the most delicious, juiciest food. Due to the fact that Kopa is a high-end charcoal oven,, it can also be used in leading restaurants across the world.

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