Charcoal grill ovens suitable for restaurants & bars

The charcoal oven is intended for use in restaurants that want to offer their customers meat and other properly grilled dishes, and want to do so as best as possible with the Kopa grill charcoal oven.


The speed of the grill charcoal oven will help you serve all tables much faster than before.


Customers can now order succulent dishes with the unmistakeable charcoal grill oven aroma. You will use very little charcoal and the kitchen is heated significantly less than with conventional charcoal grills.



What restaurant owners appreciate the most

What restaurant owners appreciate most

  • Quick return on the investment,
  • High-quality food satisfied customers,
  • Low running cost efficient use and low costs of charcoal,
  • Independent from gas and electricity supply,
  • Low installation cost (depending on local regulation),
  • Quality design of the oven makes it appropriate for use in plain sight of customers,
  • Various colour options make it easier to integrate the oven into the existing environment,
  • Possibility of attracting new custom with the cooking display that the oven can provide if used in front of customers.



Chefs will appreciate

Chefs will appreciate

  • Quick, simple, reliable use,
  • Quality of food preparation,
  • High quality of dishes,
  • Low heat emissions and better working conditions in the kitchen,
  • Option to prepare all types of various dishes in the oven meat, fish, vegetables, pan dishes, bread,
  • High capacity to size ratio,
  • Quick warming up to 30 minutes,
  • After lunch, the oven can be put on standby and relit for dinner.


When you think of a grill oven without compromises, think Kopa!