Charcoal grill oven - succulent, tasty and aromatic

Charcoal grill oven Kopa is the perfect answer for all of those wanting the very best grill on the market. This innovative product is a combination of grill and oven, making it a truly remarkable kitchen appliance. Whether you’re looking for a charcoal oven to use in a restaurant or simply at home, Kopa is perfectly suitable for both. With its simplicity and efficiency, chefs can focus entirely on preparing food! No more worrying about under- or overcooking your meals – Kopa grill oven ensures a complete cooking revolution! The controlled smouldering of charcoal inside your grill will prevent flames from breaking out and make the grilling process much more enjoyable!

Our Kopa charcoal grill oven continues to raise the benchmark in the field of grilled food kitchen appliances. The outstandingly elegant design of charcoal oven by Kopa and its unparalleled energy efficiency make it the perfect choice! By purchasing one of our charcoal grill ovens, you are treating yourself to a high-end kitchen equipment at an affordable price. Most importantly, our charcoal bbq with oven makes your food taste exceptional and brings out all the right flavours. The production process behind our charcoal oven grill is based on decades of innovative research and construction to ensure maximum quality.

What makes Kopa charcoal grill oven so unique?

To say that Kopa charcoal bbq with oven is just another kitchen appliance is a complete understatement. This is a truly unique and revolutionary piece that has transformed works of many restaurant chefs who now swear by its unlimited advantages. Below are some of their remarkable characteristics:
– Considerably lower charcoal consumption – compared to other covers, Kopa charcoal oven for restaurants or home use has an important advantage as it saves on energy and operating costs.
– Speed – Kopa oven saves you at least 30% of time compared to grilling on an open charcoal grill.
– High-quality manufacture – resulting in tempting aroma and unprecedented taste.
– Easy to use – Kopa oven has two simple hatches that regulate the heat and will thus be very easy to get used to.
Ergonomically friendly – simply open and close the oven door with just one finger!
Additionally, the contemporary design of charcoal grill oven Kopa ensures that this fantastic product is a true eye-catcher!

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