Charcoal bbq with oven definition

Charcoal bbq with oven represents a perfect combination of barbeque and oven and offers economic and practical options of preparing your food. Charcoal bbq oven consists of a stainless steel frame and enamelled coloured front panel which are very resistant, heat-resistant stainless steel handle, a grilling rack, suitable for number of dishes, and an in-built oven. The charcoal bbq with oven also has a built-in ash pan, grease tray, fully adjustable air regulator and 600°C Kopa analogue thermometer which facilitate the usage. Our built in charcoal bbq with oven is a perfect kitchen appliance for restaurants, bars, catering as well as for private use.

Charcoal bbq oven – basic model

At Kopa oven we offer several charcoal bbqs with oven. You can decide for a built in charcoal bbq with oven or portable charcoal bbq oven, there are also several models at your disposal, the basic one being charcoal bbqs with oven TYPE 300. This basic indoor charcoal bbq oven is suitable for small restaurants (up to 50 seats), food trucks and small fast foods, but you can also benefit from this charcoal bbq with oven at home.

Charcoal bbq with oven – upgraded models

For advanced usage there are some upgraded models available:

  • charcoal bbq oven type 300S/300SW is an upgraded basic model with practical storage cabinet for different equipment (charcoal, a poker, dishes and pans, additional grates and racks etc.). This portable charcoal bbq oven can easily be transferred outside should the opportunity arise;
  • charcoal bbqs with oven type 300 C is a home grill and upgraded 300 model. It features two warming cabinets (no additional energy source is needed), which are perfect for preheating or keeping the food warm until we’re ready to serve it;
  • charcoal bbq oven type 300 OC has two heated racks, which keep the food warm. This model is a perfect choice where the speed plays an important role;
  • charcoal bbqs with oven type 300 SC – 300 SWC is perfect for demanding environments. It has a lot of practical storage space, so all the utensils are easily accessible, it has a warming cabinet and added wheels, so it can be transported outside;
  • charcoal bbq oven type 300 SOC is our best charcoal bbqs with oven. It has a lot of storage for cooking utensils, so you’ll be able to prepare food really fast even in front of the guests. It has a heating cabinet and wheels so this charcoal bbq with pizza oven can also be transported outside for outdoor food preparation.

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