The indoor charcoal bbq grill OVEN of the future; Kopa's new outdoor barbeque grill ovens

Indoor grilling on a charcoal bbq oven was never easy to start with compared to grilling outdoor with a similar oven; smoke, ash and heat radiation can turn any kitchen into a war zone in a matter of minutes. Then our Kopa charcoal barbeque grill ovens where introduced to the global market from Slovenia, making indoor grilling on a charcoal bbq possible for anyone. The special chimney and well isolated design, in combination with innovative air vents for optimal control make our barbecue grill ovens suitable for placement in any kitchen.

Topping this is impossible. Taste it, and experience the difference a real barbeque grill oven makes

The best barbecue grill ovens come from our factory in Slovenia, where years were spent in developing the finest equipment for your kitchen. Only the best kitchen equipment leaves our profuction plant in Slovenia. From indoor charcoal bbq grills to outdoor grill ovens, we make it. Made with the best possible materials, a highly rigid professional indoor charcoal bbq grill is the outcome of what makes us proud. Years of development went into our Kopa grill and bake ovens and barbeques to create the indoor charcoal bbq grill oven for the most demanding user.

Barbeque grill ovens for excellent preparation:

Exceed the expectations by serving food from a professional indoor charcoal bbq grill from Kopa, every time you have guests for lunch or dinner. Guests won’t want to leave after tasting your special preparation from the real barbeque grill oven, so be prepared for madness after installing an original Kopa. Outdoor grill ovens for superb barbeque sessions, to grill and bake in an oven for authentic barbeque flavor and outstanding juiciness and texture. With Kopa you can prepare excellent food in an oven what used to be outdoors on a grill, with higher preparation speed and optimal texture and juice retention in the food you serve.

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