Charcoal grill oven for an outdoor cooking adventure

Charcoal grill oven is not only intended for restaurants and bars (although charcoal grill with pizza oven will guarantee enrapture your guests) – you can also use charcoal grill as oven at home. With our products you can take your cooking experience to another level and turn it into a real outdoor cooking adventure. With pizza oven charcoal grill (or even charcoal grill microwave oven) you can transport your kitchen on the terrace or yard and spent the time preparing the food with your family and friends in the fresh air.

What can the charcoal grill oven be used for?

What can the charcoal grill oven be used for? Almost everything! Kopaoven high quality charcoal grill oven is perfect for a number of main and side dishes. Use it for grilling meat (stakes, skewers, sausages etc.), fish and other sea food, charcoal grill oven is perfect for grilling vegetables and even for baking potatoes and desserts. You can finish whole lunch just by using outdoor charcoal pizza oven. In the charcoal grill oven you can store the prepared food to keep it warm until serving, and maybe most surprising – you can also use charcoal grill as pizza oven. Pizza oven charcoal grill will help you to become the best pizza master in no time!

How to prepare pizza in pizza oven charcoal grill

Preparing pizza in the pizza oven charcoal grill is not that different than preparing it in the regular oven, just the result is far superior. Pizza oven charcoal grill is easy to use. You just set the desired temperature (preheat it for 10 to 15 minutes like usual), prepare your pizza by your regular method and our Kopaoven charcoal grill with pizza oven will do the rest. The only advice is to sparingly top your pizza (like professional pizza masters), so that the charcoal grill oven has a chance to create a nice crust and bake all the ingredients evenly. If we top our dough too much, charcoal grill oven won’t be able to do it’s trick and the result will be a soggy dough with cooked instead of grilled topping.

Still not convinced? Than let us add that our charcoal grill ovens are the result of the latest technological advancement, they are efficient, fast, multifunctional, easy to use, ergonomically efficient and suitable for practically anybody. For more information on our pizza oven charcoal grill, please, contact our professional staff.

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