Charcoal pizza oven for professional use

Charcoal pizza oven is a perfect cooking appliance for restaurants, bars and catering services, which want to stand out from the crowd. With it we can basically prepare the whole meal – from meat, to seafood, vegetables, potatoes and other side dishes, it’s also perfect as an outdoor charcoal pizza oven and for baking bread or desserts. We’re sure that with a little imagination, we could even prepare soup with the charcoal pizza oven.

Professional charcoal grill oven is not just an acquisition for your restaurants, it shows the goal towards which you’re striving – offering guests perfect food in the comfortable environment for all employees. With our charcoal bbq with pizza oven you can actually mix business with pleasure and discover the whole new world of stunning flavors and smells in an ambiance of your choice (portable charcoal bbq oven is namely also an option).

Why use outdoor charcoal pizza oven in a restaurant or bar?

Outdoor charcoal pizza oven will help you offer your guests something different and unique. Everybody is attracted to the nice grilling smell and charcoal bbq with pizza oven, placed on the yard next to the restaurant and bar, will immediately alert people in the vicinity, that something fantastic is being prepared in your restaurant. Charcoal oven pizza is a perfect appliance for preparing pizza Italian style and soon you’ll be known all over town for your unique and tasty charcoal pizza. Oven for sale at our company will help you transform your business to another level, of that we are sure and as an addition, the outdoor charcoal pizza oven will also make your staff happy – using charcoal pizza oven is real pleasure.

Using charcoal oven pizza

We’re sure that you cooks will get the hang of our charcoal oven pizza immediately. Outdoor charcoal pizza oven is easy to use and ergonomically friendly, which everybody, working in the kitchen, will appreciate. Working day at a restaurant is long and often tiring, therefore we’ve developed a system, which lets you open charcoal pizza oven with only one finger. The amazing insulation of charcoal pizza oven also prevents heating the surrounding area, so that people working around it don’t need to suffer the stress and unpleasant heat when working. Charcoal bbq with pizza oven is also easily manageable. We regulate the heat with two hatches – both are opened when we’re igniting the charcoal pizza oven, then we close the bottom vent and regulate the temperature with upper vent when the desired temperature is reached.

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