Outdoor charcoal oven for healthier life-style

Outdoor charcoal oven – offers a possibility to add another, healthier dimension to your leisure time. If you’re a fan of an outdoor cooking, you can upgrade it to another level with – Kopa outside charcoal oven. It will enhance your outdoor experience, entertain your family and friends, and most of all Kopa charcoal oven will make your food taste so much better!

Why do you need an outdoor charcoal oven?

There are many benefits of a charcoal oven:

  • outdoor time: with it you will spend much more time outside in the nature instead of staying indoors,
  • outdoor charcoal oven is a great way to entertain your loved ones. Grilling is fun and offers a perfect opportunity for family gatherings. Everybody loves hanging out by the grill to see what the chef is cooking,
  • numerous options of the charcoal oven: outdoor charcoal oven is definitely not just about burgers and hotdogs, even though the kids will love them. With our Kopa charcoal oven you will gain a mini kitchen in your garden. They are suitable for a variety of dishes: steaks, fish, skewers, clams, oysters, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pizza, bread, stuffed peppers, zucchini, asparagus and all other vegetables as well as deserts,
  • easier cooking: with an outdoor charcoal oven cooking will be much easier. You kitchen will stay cool, smoke-free, there will be no lingering odours (especially seafood), and most of all clean,
  • charcoal BBQ with oven will add another living space to your home: just build an island around your grill, add some comfortable chairs and a table or place it under an existing patio and it will become a place where you spend your free time,
  • health: we saved the most important argument for the end cooking with the outdoor charcoal oven is often the healthiest option and the tastiest one, too! Grilled food is delicious, less greasy, you can reduce the amount of salt and other unhealthy toppings and control exactly what goes into the food. Charcoal ovens help food retain moisture and create flavours, which are different from indoor kitchens.

Kopa charcoal oven

Kopa outdoor charcoal oven is a great investment, which adds value to your home. It is made of high quality materials and is designed to withstand most weather conditions, so it will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. It is suitable for restaurants and homes, easy to use, pleasing to look at and an adventure to cook on. Check our website for all the models or contact us if you have any questions.

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