Charcoal ovens of high quality and great price

When customers came to us looking for charcoal oven, we immediately started to research the field and planning how to make a charcoal oven that would suit all their needs. We believed that charcoal ovens had great potential. When we made plans for a charcoal oven, we made our first one. We had high expectations and we were right. Our first charcoal oven was made so well that we started marketing it and it took only 18 months to reach clients worldwide.


Our biggest motivation was to make charcoal oven for demanding clients


Questions about how to make a charcoal oven were solved with our great ideas and experiences. How to make a charcoal oven with the highest energy efficiency was one of our main questions. We found the answer in making special isolation of charcoal oven and in door opening system. How to make charcoal oven for indoor use was also one of important questions. Our solution was a unique chimney which doesn`t need any additional installations made to work. It only has to be placed under existent kitchen extractor hood. How to make a charcoal oven for indoor and outdoor use for catering larger groups of people? We made additional unit that is mounted under the charcoal oven and can be fitted with wheels for mobility. One of main concerns was how to make a charcoal oven look appealing. We decided to make charcoal oven with contemporary design to ensure a striking appearance. Question how to make a charcoal oven for small and big restaurants was solved with production in making three different sizes of charcoal ovens. How to make a charcoal oven that would work for two shifts in a restaurant without the fire going out was one of big questions. We made two vents that make that possible. If both are closed, charcoal temperature will drop and stay at around 150?C. When you open both vents the fire will come to life again.

Our charcoal oven have simple temperature regulating system


Our charcoal oven is made with two vents that are used to start the fire. Lower vent is normally closed during cooking. It has to be opened if the temperature drops to low or when new charcoal is loaded. The temperature during cooking is controlled by the upper vent. Charcoal oven temperature should not be higher than 350?C. Charcoal oven hood is an important part of oven. It is a part of a chimney which serves for protection and air regulation of charcoal oven.

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