Charcoal oven for more success

Charcoal oven is a stunning kitchen appliance, which will change the way you cook, regardless of if you’re looking for a charcoal oven for a restaurant or just for a way to upgrade your home. If you’re a restaurant owner, your menu offer will expand and attract more customers simply by adding a charcoal pizza oven. If you’re running a bar, you can surprise your guests with quickly prepared food from charcoal oven and you can bring your business to another level if you add our Kopa charcoal oven to any other catering business. Pizza or other food, prepared with an outdoor charcoal pizza oven, smells good, looks good and brings out the inner and authentic flavor of any dish. With our charcoal pizza oven for sale success is practically guaranteed.

Why choose charcoal pizza oven?

Charcoal pizza oven is not just a regular pizza oven, but so much more. It is a perfect combination of a grill and a charcoal oven, specially designed to bring out the smoky and juicy flavor of all the ingredients. Charcoal oven pizza is much tastier and brings other benefits:
– faster cooking: if set to the right temperature charcoal pizza oven prepares this traditional Italian dish in seconds. No, we’re not kidding. If the temperature in your charcoal pizza oven reaches 485 degrees Celsius (traditional Neapolitan way of baking pizza), your charcoal oven pizza will be done in 60 to 90 seconds;
– more flavor: with this appliance you can achieve the traditional charcoal flavor in oven; charcoal oven does not mean the smoke will completely overtake the rest of the flavors, just the opposite – it will bring out the best in food with a tinge of smoked essence, associated with grilling;
– healthier option: charcoal oven represents a healthier version of food preparation, and there are many reasons for this claim – we use less fat, when we prepare dishes in charcoal oven, we need less spices, because the smoky flavor is mostly enough, and last but not least, food, prepared in the outdoor charcoal pizza oven, is finished quicker, which means it retains more nutritional value.

The versatility of charcoal oven

Charcoal pizza oven is not only used for pizza, with it we can prepare a number of dishes. Charcoal oven is a combination of grill and an oven and therefore perfect for burgers, sausages, steaks, meat skewers and fish, however the list does not end here. With our charcoal oven you’ll be able to prepare potatoes and other side dishes, vegetables (zucchini, eggplants, asparagus, carrots, peppers, grilled tomatoes etc.) and even deserts!

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