For a charcoal grill oven choose wise, choose heavy duty for your restaurant

A charcoal grill oven that lasts a life time, the only heavy duty charcoal bbq grill which is easy to use and requires no gas or electricity. Imagine an oven that serves many people at the same time with outstanding dishes, so good that guests are fighting for a spot. With a restaurant charbroiler grill from Kopa this could become reality. Restaurant charbroilers and charcoal grill ovens of outstanding quality, Kopa delivers only the best for those who want to serve nothing but the best. Radiating minimal heat to the surrounding area, your kitchen will be heated significantly less with an original Kopa charbroiler grill compared with a conventionally manufactured charcoal grill or barbecue in your restaurant. Choosing a heavy duty charcoal bbq grill pays off in many ways, a great return on investment is hard to miss with a Kopa.

Why Kopa, instead of any other charcoal grill oven?

As charcoal grill manufacturers we strived to produce the best and claim a spot in the top 10 of charcoal grills with each of our products. Several features make a Kopa an outstanding investment, for instance the isolation of a Kopa charcoal grill oven which assures the heating up of the kitchen to be way less compared to a conventional or open heavy duty charcoal bbq grills.

More advantages with Kopa

We’ve made sure to equip all our charbroilers with the very best ash and spark catchers, to ensure installation of the grill in your restaurant can be done by just placing the oven underneath the existing extraction system of your kitchen. Our heavy duty charcoal bbq grill is designed for professional use, and makes it the best charcoal grill oven in its kind. Developing great equipment for years on end grants us a steady spot in the top 10 of charcoal grill manufacturers according to many.

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