Indoor charcoal OVEN bbq and grill - groundbreaking innovation

Looking for charcoal bbq oven and grill of your dreams? Meet Kopa charcoal oven grill, the product that has been developed to break boundaries of kitchen equipment. Kopa bbq charcoal grill grates have been developed in 2014 and it took mere 18 months for it to reach markets all over the world – including Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, Estonia, Austria and many more! This innovative charcoal bbq and oven grill provides all the right conditions for you to make the tastiest, juciest meals that will simply amaze everyone that gets to taste them. Additionaly, the speed of this big charcoal bbq grill oven will also help you serve large amounts of tables much faster than before.

The revolutionary indoor charcoal oven bbq and grill

Kopa grill charcoal oven is a high-end equipment bringing you the very best, tastiest food. If you are a fan of heavy duty charcoal bbq grills and love the iconic taste of grilled food, this is the perfect solution! By purchasing Kopa you can throw big charcoal bbq grill parties all year around, regardless of outside weather or temperature. Chefs will appreciate its many benefits, including:
– option to prepare all types of various dishes in the oven (meat, fish, vegetables, pan dishes, pizzas, bread, pies)
– high capacity to size ratio
– quick warming up to 30 minutes
– low heat emissions and thus better working conditions in the kitchen ensuring that kitchen is heated significantly less than with conventional charcoal ovens
With its low installation cost as well as very low running costs, you will be able to achieve a very quick return on your investment!

Indoor charcoal bbq and grill with many benefits

Compared to conventional charcoal oven grills, Kopa brings you:
– shorter cooking time (even up to 30%!)
– considerably lower charcoal consumption
– juicier food
– cleaner and less dusty kitchen
– no special installation needed (fits under extraction hood)
What’s more, Kopa is offered in several different dimensions, making sure you can always find the perfect model according to your own needs and wishes. This heavy duty charcoal bbq grill has been praised as a true all-arounder, because it combines a grill with an oven while keeping the benefits of both. Being an indoor charcoal bbq grill, Kopa is perfect for home users, catering and restaurants alike.

Join the cooking revolution with charcoal bbq and grill and get your hands on one of Kopa models yourself!

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