Charcoal oven will give you that roasted taste the traditional way

Charcoal ovens are becoming increasingly fashionable due to the full, crisp taste that they provide. Rather than baked, the food is here grilled or roasted, leaving some smoked quality to the dish. Cooking with a charcoal oven can cover a wide range of supplies, like meat and fish, vegetables, or even sweets that are meant to be made at high degree temperatures. The charcoal oven restaurant business, though, is growing comparatively with a highly popular demand for coal-fired pizza. This is where charcoal oven is the best: smooth slices of pizza with a slight burn on the edges are easy to produce with an outdoor charcoal pizza oven, which cooks pizza inside the warming cabinet, but retains the feel of open-grill barbecue meal. However, handling a charcoal oven requires some skill because of the high heat and cooking dynamics, and they are supposed to run on anthracite only, so make sure you feed your outdoor charcoal pizza oven with a right kind of coal.

Choose Kopa for your ultimate outdoor charcoal pizza oven

We at Kopa have the best selection of charcoal ovens for sale suited for all spaces, and we also believe that our models with added wheels stand for the best outdoor charcoal pizza ovens on the market. Minimal excess heat radius helps its close environment being stand able, and build-up smoke is being held at its lowest levels. Also, the specially designed hood prevents the sparks flowing out of the oven`s compartments. Add the introduction of storage spaces under the grill, and cooking will be safe and functional, even when the chef is right in front of guests. Since our charcoal ovens operate on temperatures from 250 up to 350°C, it will make food like steaks done in a couple of minutes, and your pizzas will be ready in no time. Not to mention there is no need for separate extensions, it is clear we know how to make outdoor charcoal pizza oven without compromise.

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