Charcoal pizza oven - unmatched taste at affordable price

Charcoal ovens have been around for a while, but now is the time to discover a completely radical change! The production team behind Kopa charcoal oven have been discovering how to make a charcoal oven that’s truly revolutionary. They have come up with the high-end Kopa charcoal pizza oven that offers unmatched taste at an affordable price.

Discovering Kopa charcoal pizza oven

This charcoal in oven is definitely one of the most innovative kitchenware discoveries in recent years. It’s a true gem for all lovers of tasty grilled food! Some of its benefits include:
How to make a charcoal oven with the highest energy efficiency was one of the main questions behind Kopa project. It resulted in the product that uses 45% less charcoal, as well as saving energy by providing outstanding insulation and simple opening and closing.
– An all-arounder: Kopa is truly versatile as it provides the opportunity to cook anything from pizzas, flatbreads and dishes in pans. The temperature is constantly high, ensuring you quick preparation of meat or vegetables!
Apart from that, Kopa is very affordable and suitable for both restaurants and home use.

Comparing Kopa charcoal oven to conventional grills

When compared to conventional charcoal grills, Kopa delivers a range of benefits including:
– quicker cooking time (even up to 30%)
– considerably lower heat radiation
– juicier, tastier food
– no special installation needed as it fits under extraction hood
– cleaner and less dusty kitchen
– can be used both indoors and outdoors
This remarkable product makes chefs completely rediscover the art of grilling! One of the core point of how to make a charcoal oven is to also ensure a striking appearance, which is what Kopa charcoal pizza oven definitely delivers! With its unique minimalist lines and contemporary design, this charcoal grill oven fits in perfectly with any kitchen style and makes a true eye-catcher. What’s more, the story of Kopa dates back all the way to early 1970s when our company started the production of sheer metal products. We remained in business for the next 4 decades and with continued involvement with professional kitchen equipment developed our pride and joy – the Kopa charcoal pizza oven.

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