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Kopa oven start up

Kopa oven use



Controlling the temperature

The heat in Kopa grill charcoal ovens is controlled with only two vents - the bottom one is usually closed, while the top hatch moves and controls the temperature, which is displayed on the thermometer. The door is light and opens and shuts easily. Excellent insulation keeps heat loss low and prevents the chef from losing his cool. The Kopa grill oven is an all-rounder when it comes to grilling in dishes and pans - you can place them under the kitchen vent.

It is suitable for experienced chefs and beginners!



Ash is collected in the ash pan, which is simply drawn out and emptied in an appropriate container. The fat dripping from the grill onto the open door is collected in the oil drip tray, which is easily removed and cleaned.




Our story starts in 1972 with the opening of coordinated punching machines production line. Kops pro d.o.o. existed in different forms over the next 40 years, but technological challenges and the desire to offer the market something more have always been part of the company's approach. We now use our extensive experience of sheet metal products and continued involvement with equipment for professional kitchens and created our technological pride and joy, the Kopa oven.

Since 1972