Use an outdoor grill and oven to create delicious meals

As the summer approaches, the talking about buying an outdoor grill and oven gets more frequent. Many families appreciate the social gatherings around the cooker, which provide for social gatherings and tasty food at the same time. Even though it is possible to use it in all kinds of weather, the warmer months do have more appeal when it comes to cooking with an outdoor grill and oven. Who doesn’t have great memories of preparing hot-dogs and ribs under a sun-kissed umbrella to celebrate the start of the summer on a barbeque? Try it and make use of the many advantages and benefits that come with it.


outdoor grill and oven

The advantages of owning an outdoor grill and oven

1) Less fat content.
Cooking on an outdoor grill and oven means that more fat will dissolve from the fatty food, like meat and fish. This will make your meals healthier and less calorie rich.

2) More nutritious meals.
If you have ever tried cooking on an outdoor grill and oven, you know that the quick way of preparing food on it leaves the ingredients crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. It has been proven that more nutrients are safeguarded in this way, making your meals healthy and wholesome.

3) Healthy lifestyle.
To sum up the above, cooking this way can make up for very nutritious and healthy meals. That is why many parents choose to invest in an outdoor cooker, making the family meals an occasion for preparing fresh and tasty food.

outdoor charcoal oven
An outdoor charcoal oven is a sustainable way of cooking healthy meals

An outdoor charcoal oven is run on natural energy, which is sourced sustainably and locally. This is a great way to teach your children about the importance of self-sufficiency and local sources. What else do you convey to your family and friends when using an outdoor charcoal barbeque?

• Traditional values.
Gathering around an outdoor charcoal oven has been a part of many people’s childhoods and they want to pass on this feeling to their families. A traditional family meal made on this type of cooker is an occasion to share the thoughts and enjoy a special time together.

• Caring for others.
by preparing healthy warm meals, you can convey the message of care and love for the ones that are invited. Sharing the table, the food and the stories creates a special bond that stays.

• Energy savings.
Not only is using this type of cooker sustainable but it also leads to energy savings. Your energy bills will lower due to the lesser use of gas and electricity.

large charcoal grills

Many people believe that large charcoal grills make the best charcoal bbq

Whether it is large charcoal grills or smaller cookers that you choose, the results of your cooking will always be succulent, juicy meals. The people that have tried this type of cooking, are convinced that the best coal bbq is the one that is made together, by sharing the food and joint consumption. Read on to find out what the popular voice says are the best dishes to prepare on large charcoal grills.

• Meat and fish.
Meat and fish, if eaten in moderation and sustainably caught or slaughtered, remain among the prime dishes to prepare on a barbeque. The best are locally sourced. Match with tasty herbal or spicy sauces for an added twist.

• Jacket potatoes.
transform your old boring potatoes into the stars of the evening by using the many ideas for their “jackets” that nature has to offer. Top with simple salty herbal butter or a more sophisticated dressing, including with sour cream, tarragon or jalapeno peppers.

• Roasted vegetables.
The Italian grandmothers have known for centuries what the rest of the world has come to appreciate lately. Fresh and varied vegetables, roasted and sprinkled with salt and virgin olive oil, are certainly not only for vegetarians. Enjoy the lush tastes of the season by munching on zucchini, aubergines, peppers, and sun-ripe tomatoes.

the best charcoal bbq

Invest in KOPA charcoal bbq oven for unforgettable barbeque experiences

A barbeque oven can be a big investment, be it for private or professional purposes. Many restaurants and catering businesses have recently turned back to more traditional ways of cooking, adding a special rustic feeling to their dishes. As the public demands, more authenticity, cooking on these types of cookers becomes more interesting again. Make sure that you choose the right brand. KOPA is a Slovenian produced that has gained international recognition due to its innovative approach.

Its signature is top quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Its sales network extends to many different countries of the world where barbeques are loved and appreciated. Have a look at the website for more information and inspiration. Contact the sales team and get an offer.

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