We want to help you make better, juicier charcoal flavored food, prepared in less time with less energy cost in a more comfortable kitchen environment.

Why Kopa Oven?

Lower charcoal Consumption

Compared to other ovens with the same capacity, the Kopa charcoal grill oven has an important advantage – it saves on energy and operating costs. If you use e.g. an open charcoal grill, you would use 45% more charcoal.

Quality manufacture

The steady radiation in the charcoal oven interior makes the charcoal distribute heat quickly and evenly, which gives the dish substantial consistency. The quality of the Kopa grill oven’s innovative construction.


We made sure that grilling in the Kopa charcoal grill oven saves you at least 30% of time compared to grilling on an open charcoal grill. Just to illustrate, a medium-rare 4 centimetre beef steak weighing 350g will take you only 4 minutes to prepare.

Ergonomically friendly

The steady radiation in the charcoal oven interior makes the charcoal distribute heat quickly and evenly, which gives the dish substantial consistency. The quality of the Kopa grill oven’s innovative construction.

Kopa Charcoal ovens

Professional charcoal grill ovens

Innovative modern grill for grilling in a vented sealed oven.
Delicious primal heat flavors. Juicier meats and perfectly textured seafood. Efficient energy conservation with up to 50% less charcoal use than traditional open grills. Easy heat management for a searing and braising. Join the charcoal oven revolution.

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Kopa Smoking oven

Slow cooking Charcoal Oven

Traditional wood oven for the kitchen of the 21st century. Slowly cooked dishes that were till now possible to prepare only with a use of traditional wood ovens and cooking methods, can now be prepared in an oven that is hygienically suited for restaurants and is electronically controlled for the ease of use

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Kopa Hibachi & Yakitori

Powerful table-top charcoal grills

Powerful table-top charcoal grills Intended for a heavy duty professional kitchen environment.

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Kopa Robata

Japanese style multi level charcoal grill.

Kopa Robata is a versatile charcoal grill with multi-level / multi-zone grilling capabilities. Stable temperatures, consistent grilling results, and long life are just some of attributes of this outstanding grill.

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Kopa Parilla

Argentine-style grill

This Argentine type grill is a show maker. It will definitely cause your customers to stop, watch and take pictures. With the chained superstructure with a large wheel to lift and lower the grilling surface it is best served in front cooking environment.

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Kopa Accessories

Improve your cooking experience

Kopa Accessories are tools to help you cook or look better. All Accessories are made of premium materials carefully made in our factory or chosen from best suppliers.

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Please take a few minutes to browse our recipe collection that will you make see what is possible to do on Kopa products. Please use this as a guideline and then let your imagination do the rest to further explore our wonderful products.

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Aktualne novice

09. januar 2019

Peči Kopa s poznanim chefom Tomažem Kavčičem na festivalu Festa Vico v Vico Equense Italija

Na sejmu smo bili prosotni z našo žar pečjo Kopa in poznanim chef Tomažem Kavčičem. Festival je eden bolj pomembnih kulinaričnih dogodkov v Italiji, ki ga organizira kuhar: Gennaro Esposito.
09. januar 2019

Kje nas lahko najdete v bodoče

05.-07.10 2015 London Restaurant show at Olympia – sejem gostinske opreme 24.-27.10 2015 – “Host Milano” Eden najpomembnejših sejmov gostinske opreme v Evropi (hala 5 štan U02/V01) Sejem Hotel 2015 v Bolzanu 19. – 22.10 2015. Split – v novembru 2015. Z našim zastopnikom za hrvaško podjetje MMC Intergastra 2016 v Stuttgartu Hala 1 Štand […]
Kopa at exhibition at Milano
09. januar 2019

Kulinarika pod kozolci Šentrupert Slovenija

Tudi v šentrupertu smo bili prisotni s kopa pečjo, kjer je Tomaž Kavčič pekel in zabaval goste. Naval Ljudi je bilprecej velik, množica pa je Kopa žar peč lepo sprejela.
09. januar 2019

Hoga sejem Nürneberg

Prvič smo bili z našo žar pečjo prisotni v Nemčiji, Hoga sejem Nürneberg, kjer je bil odziv super. Nemci do tedaj izdelkov podobnih nam niso poznali in so bili nad uporabostjo in rezultati navdušeni. Šlo je za sejem gostinjske opreme, kjer so naš “štant” posebej predstavili. Dobili smo več odličnih kontaktov.

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