Professional charcoal grill saves on energy and operating costs

Professional charcoal grill Kopa offers several advantages compared to other types of grills. It was manufactured to help restaurant owners and chefs provide better dishes and lower the cost of their operation. As a charcoal grill manufacturer, we value durability, so we carefully selected the materials and used laser and robot technology to transform them. Reliable technology with a high rate of repeatability, allows us to pay close attention to details, which are crucial when preparing the food.

Professional charcoal BBQ is known for infusing a distinct smoky flavour to the food. Incredible machine offers a range of flavours, textures, and versatility in cooking styles. Choosing a perfect barbecue can be tricky, but nothing compares to the taste you can achieve with high-quality charcoal equipment. Preparing food using charcoal BBQ allows you to cook virtually anything – from meat to vegetables, fruit, pan pies, fish and even fruit or pizza.

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Why choose a professional charcoal BBQ?

As a charcoal grill manufacturer, we decided to make a complex and technologically advanced product with the perfect design that is easily placed in plain view of customers. Our product is the ideal combination of oven and grill. Innovative and quality grilling apparatus offers controlled smouldering of the charcoal inside the machine. That prevents the flames from breaking out, leaving a unique BBQ aroma.

Our equipment has a 50% lower charcoal consumption, which results in lower production costs. That is achieved with controlled air movement inside the machine and high-quality insulation. Due to steady radiation, the heat is distributed evenly and quickly, giving the food notable consistency. A professional charcoal grill is up to 40% faster and gives up to 66% more throughput than similar products. They are also easy to operate as the heat is regulated with two hatches. When igniting the kindling, both have to be open. After achieving the desired temperature, the bottom hatch is closed, and the heat is regulated with the top hatch.

That process allows the chef to efficiently and swiftly check the temperature in a busy kitchen. Working in a high-paced environment is anything but easy. When preparing the dishes for hundreds or even thousands of guests, opening and closing the grill door has to be as simple as possible. Our system allows the chef to open and close the door safely, using only one finger. Phenomenal insulation prevents heating of the surrounding area and reduces burn risk or other related accidents.


What can you expect from a professional charcoal grill after purchase?

Professional charcoal BBQ Kopa is highly efficient, reliable and durable. After purchase, you can expect to own a productive machine that saves energy and lowers operating costs. We focused on simplicity of design with stainless steel and enamelled colour front, which are functional despite the high temperatures. Our goal as a charcoal grill manufacturer is to create user-friendly, reliable, quick and straightforward equipment that ensures the highest quality of dishes. Low heat emissions guarantee a better working environment and conditions in the kitchen, and so does a high capacity-to-size ratio.

A professional charcoal grill is also easy to maintain. Ash is collected in the ash pan, which you can draw out and empty, while the fat dripping from the grill is gathered in the oil drip tray. What restaurant owners appreciate most about our equipment is quick warming up, fast return on the investment and efficient use. They also value the opportunity to prepare versatile dishes such as fish, vegetables, bread, pizza, pies and meat.

The result of the highly technological process we created as a charcoal grill manufacturer is affordable prices and low installation costs. We are fully aware that every restaurant is different – and so are the kitchens. But do not worry. We will help you adapt your new Kopa to your kitchen demands.

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As a charcoal grill manufacturer, we offer an extensive variety of BBQ’s

Professional charcoal BBQ was designed in various layouts, which ensures the equipment is simple to integrate into every existing environment. The basic model (layout) gives the restaurant everything you need to start. It is perfect for vegetables, cooking in pans, fish, streaks and bread. Less convection ensures a greater throughput, faster cooking time and a better taste.

The basic model is designed especially for work environments with limited space, such as food trucks, fast-food restaurants, etc. Besides professional charcoal grills, our offer includes Kopa smoking ovens and versatile hot smokers with the added speed of electrical heating. It also incorporates a modern Robata – a long-standing Japanese grilling tradition and Kopa Hibachi and Yakitori grills.

These are different from professional charcoal BBQs as they are stylish top machines providing a stable temperature for repeatable results. Last but not least, we have Kopa Parilla designed for a long life in a harsh environment.

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