Privacy statement


Privacy statement

The creators of this website are aware of the importance of privacy, therefore we commit to protect of your personal information. The purpose of the Privacy statement is to inform you about our Privacy policy and about the choices available to you regarding the collection and usage of data on line.


Collection of personal information

You can visit our website without identification and revealing your personal information. On some subpages (for example on the subpage where you can execute an inquiry) you must enter some of your personal information, so we can process your request.


Use of personal information

Our website uses your personal information to process your request. You have to send us certain information in case you send an inquiry. Personal data and contact information will only be used for purposes for which you provided it. In case of collecting and using them for any other reasons except those for which you provided it, we will contact you for your consent.


Privacy and Security Concerns

Our company is committed to protect the information you provide us. Their disclosure is prevented by a number of different security technologies. The data is being stored in a constantly supervised computer systems with limited access to controlled areas.


Disclosure of personal data to third parties

The administrators of our website will not disclose your personal data to third parties without your consent. We reserve the right to access and disclose personal data in order to comply with the law, fulfil legal requirements, use the data in legal proceedings or protect the rights and property of our web administrators or users.


Use of cookies and tracking technology

Our website uses cookies, which enable the users the display and usage of our websites, adapted to their preferences. Cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer by a web server. The main purpose of the cookie is to save your settings and other data, so that you do not need to enter them on your next visit of our website. The use of cookies is a standard procedure for most websites. The default settings of your browsers enable the use of cookies. If you do not agree with their usage, you can change the browser settings and disable the use of cookies. That can, however, limit the ability of your communication with our website. Even if you accept cookies, you can delete them later with your browser tools. We use the cookies exclusively to improve the user's experience.

Our website also collects the data about your usage of our website and our web services. With our tool for the analysis of the website we can, for example, gather information about which website you came from, which browser and key words you used to find us, which pages you visited on our website and which browser add-ons, as well as width and height your browser uses. Besides that we gather the standard information, which browser sends to each visited website, for example IP address, browser type and language, access time and website addresses. All those data is collected for the statistic purposes of our website only.



Type of cookies used on this web page


1. Strictly necessary cookies

Such cookies enable the usage of components strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the web page. Without those cookies services, which you would like to use on this web site, would not function properly (for example: log in, safety ...).

2. Performance cookies

Those cookies collect the data about the users’ behaviour on the web page. Their function is to improve the performance components of the web page (for example: which web pages are most frequently visited ...). Those cookies do not gather information which could be used for the identification of the user.

3. Functionality cookies

Those cookies enable the web page to remember some of your settings and options (user name, language, region ...) and provide advanced, personalized functions. Such cookies can enable tracking of your actions on the web page.

4. Advertising or targeted cookies

Those cookies are most frequently used by advertising or social networks (third parties) to show you more targeted advertisements, to limit the repetition of the advertisements or to measure the efficiency of the advertising campaigns. Such cookies can enable the tracking of your actions on the web page.


The benefits of cookies

When using the same device and browser the cookies are exceedingly useful. For example, they can remember your settings, they help us follow how you use our web pages and they adapt the displayed content to your personal interest and needs. The cookies used on our websites do not collect information, which would help us identify you personally. In the table below you can find main cookies, used on our websites, with an explanation of their purpose.


Google Analytics _utma Performance cookie They help us to improve the content of our web pages
Google Analytics _utmb Performance cookie They help us to improve the content of our web pages
Google Analytics _utmc Performance cookie They help us to improve the content of our web pages
Google Analytics _utmz Performance cookie They help us to improve the content of our web pages


The procedure for managing and deleting the cookies differs according to the browser you use. If you would like to know how to do that with a certain browser, you can use the help function in your browser or visit There you can find step-by-step explanations on how to manage or delete the cookies in most browsers.