PO20 cooking skillet suitable for wood oven grillsPO20 Skillet Suited for wood oven grills

Suitable for eggs, fish, shellfish, vegetables etc. The skillet can be used for cooking in barbecue grill ovens and also serving dishes directly from the KOPA wood oven grill and straight to the table.




Skillet on a wooden basePO20 Skillet on a wooden base

The cast-iron skillet on a serving walnut wooden base with a KOPA logo will make for an excellent presentation of your creations to your guests. Take the skillet from the wood oven grill, place it on the wooden base and use it to put the dish on the table.


The wooden base has a groove that fits the skillet perfectly and prevents the hot dish from sliding off the base when you carry it. You can also put your own logo or text on the wooden base.


Diameter: 20 cm.


We also offer cast-iron skillets with 18 cm diameter.