Outdoor grill and oven for unforgettable meals

An outdoor grill an oven is a combination that can provide an unparalleled cooking experience when it comes to outdoor cooking. An outdoor grill and oven can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes, from succulent barbecue ribs to perfectly baked pizzas.

The secret of the popularity of these devices is manifold: people love the smoky smell of food in the oven, its taste and the rustic look, together with the unforgettable experience that enjoying it brings. Let us examine the benefits of this type of cooking, below.

An outdoor charcoal oven offers simplicity and versatility

An outdoor charcoal oven offers a unique cooking experience that is unmatched by other cooking methods. The high temperatures achieved by charcoal stoves allow for quick and efficient cooking of meat and vegetables, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes with a smoky flavour.

The versatility of an outdoor charcoal oven allows for a variety of cooking methods, including roasting, baking, and grilling. Additionally, an outdoor charcoal oven is eco-friendly and does not require electricity or gas to operate.

Large charcoal grills are another excellent option for outdoor cooking. They offer a spacious cooking surface, allowing for multiple dishes to be cooked simultaneously, making them perfect for larger gatherings. The smoke-filled flavour achieved by cooking with charcoal is a hallmark of classic barbecue dishes, and large charcoal grills excel at delivering that authentic taste.

Furthermore, large charcoal grills offer the flexibility to cook at different temperatures by adjusting the amount of charcoal used and the device height, resulting in perfectly cooked meat and vegetables every time.

outdoor grill and oven

outdoor grill and oven ribs

Enjoy the recipes for everyone’s favourite roasted dishes

As mentioned the devices that offer food roasting are gaining in popularity, be it among private persons and restaurant owners alike. What are everyone’s favourite dishes to be prepared in this way?


  •  Barbecue ribs: This is one of the most popular dishes to cook on an outdoor grill and oven. The rustic fulsome flavour achieved by cooking on a charcoal grid or in a charcoal stove is the perfect complement to tender and juicy ribs.
  • How to make them: To make barbecue ribs, first, rub the ribs with a spice rub made of salt, brown sugar, paprika, and cumin. Then, cook the ribs in  the stove or on the large charcoal grill for several hours until they are tender and cooked through. Finally, brush the ribs with barbecue sauce and return them to the grid or oven for a few more minutes until the sauce is caramelized and sticky.
  • Crispy pizza: Another popular dish to cook on an outdoor grill and oven is pizza. Pizza cooked in an oven is crispy and smoky, with a perfectly cooked crust and melted cheese.
  • How to make it: To make pizza, roll out the pizza dough, add your favourite toppings, and cook it in the outdoor device for several minutes until the cheese is melted and the crust is crispy. If you are too scared or time-pressed to make the dough, use a prepared one from the supermarket.
  •  Roasted meat and vegetables: In addition to barbecue ribs and pizza, there are countless other dishes that can be cooked on an outdoor grill and oven. Roasted chicken, steak, and vegetables are always crowd-pleasers, and a charcoal oven can be used to roast a whole chicken or turkey for a special occasion.

How to make them
It is really simple to cook in this way. Just collect good meat and vegetable chunks, add the seasoning and put everything on the grid. Turn and add water, as necessary. Enjoy!

outdoor charcoal oven

outdoor charcoal oven pizza

Our advantages: easy maintenance and top quality

Compared to classic ways of cooking, caring for your grid is easy. When it comes to maintenance, outdoor grills and ovens require regular cleaning to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Apart from that, there is little additional work.

Charcoal grills should be cleaned after each use, while charcoal devices should be cleaned periodically. Additionally, it is essential to keep the grates and trays free of debris and to use high-quality charcoal and wood to prevent build-up and improve the flavour of the dishes.

KOPA, the innovative producer of technologically advanced devices is your reliable partner. Our outdoor products and large charcoal grills offer versatility, efficiency, and a smoky flavour that is perfect for classic barbecue dishes. This type of device can provide an unparalleled cooking experience that is unmatched by other cooking methods.

With the right care and maintenance, device from our range can last for years, providing endless opportunities for delicious outdoor cooking. So why not invest in a KOPA product today and start enjoying the rustic flavours of your favourite dishes? Contact our team and get answers to your questions, together with a customized proposal for your needs.

large charcoal grills vegetables

large charcoal grills vegetables


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