charcoal oven Barbecue grill Kopa type 400

Number of covers: 90
Entry model size: 700 x 697 x 1.104 mm
Grill rack size: 570 x 530 mm
Entry model weight: 160 kg

Charcoal oven barbecue grill type 400













Charcoal oven is extremely useful in big restaurants. It saves a lot of energy and time. Charcoal oven is also easily operated. The heat is regulated with two hatches that can be opened or closed. Furthermore, charcoal heating ovens are made of stainless steel and as a result very long-lasting. We developed a special system that allows you to open and close the door safely with only one finger, which is – especially in busy kitchens – very important. The insulation not only significantly reduces heath risk, but it also prevents heating of the surrounding area. The cook is spared unbearable heat, reducing and stress is reduced and consequently helping him to concentrate on preparing food. In charcoal oven you can prepare almost any type of food. Choose charcoal grill pizza oven and prepare the best pizzas for your guests. We are also offering you charcoal heating oven with BBQ in which you can prepare tasty stakes, with great texture and smoky aroma. In case of any further questions about charcoal grill pizza oven or any other type of Kopa oven, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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