Kopa gas and charcoal grill ovens make food more appealing

Advantages of Kopa grill oven over gas or electric grills:

  • Taste, BBQ aroma,
  • Food is more appealing,
  • More economical,
  • Better value for money,
  • Restaurant customers like grill ovens more than electric or gas grills.
  • Shorter preparation time,
  • More efficient use of charcoal (up to 40% less is needed),
  • Less stress for the cook,
  • More succulent dishes,
  • Option of placing the Kopa grill oven under a extraction hood,
  • Cleaner,
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of Kopa grill ovens over other charcoal grills:


Advantages of Kopa grill ovens over the competition:

  • Elegant, aesthetically pleasing design,
  • Very light door,
  • More efficient use of charcoal,
  • Very low heat loss.

Simply the best grill ovens!