CHARCOAL GRILL oven and grilled food REVOLUTION







The predecessor of most grills was the pit oven, which was used to bake bread and everything else later on. Stone and wood ovens developed from there and evolved until we reached today's electric and gas ovens. The oven changed through time, but we are now returning to wood and charcoal. Nowadays, people appreciate more than just the fact that the food is cooked, edible and nutritious; we also place great emphasis on how the food is prepared, and whether it is succulent, tasty and aromatic. Modern grill charcoal ovens are causing something of a revolution, which is raising standards, because increasing numbers of restaurants are choosing to stand out from the crowd with delicious grilled food, which is also the most natural way to prepare food that we really like to eat.


Once you've eaten grilled food, you are hooked for life! Some enjoy grilling, but most love the opportunity to take part in events with grilled food. The choice is yours. Bon appetit!

Grill ovens raising the benchmark in the field