For a full and rustic food flavour invest in charcoal cookers

Charcoal cookers have been around for a long time, but they never loose their charm. Quite the opposite, with technological advances and innovative solutions, charcoal cookers are gaining in popularity. What are the reasons that so many people swear by charcoal cookers? Read on to find out!

  • Traditional flavours. Because traditionally, many families relied on an outdoor charcoal oven, people like to recreate the tastes that they were fond of in the past. The Sunday roast and the pizza margarita are just two examples of eternal dishes that taste the best when made in a charcoal cooker.
  • Special atmosphere. Going hand in hand with tradition, is the atmosphere that charcoal cookers create. A smoky room might be a thing of the past, but the cracking of the fire and the burning of the coal are two added elements that many people wish to keep on.
  • Rustic taste. A consequence of the former two or a priority in itself, the rustic taste that charcoal cookers bring to any food prepared in them, is unique and unmatchable.

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Cooking with charcoal is tradition and innovative at the same time

While cooking with charcoal can bring a touch of the past and the traditional dishes to your kitchen, make no mistake in thinking that the branch has not followed the technological progress. Quite the opposite, many producers have made great efforts to develop innovative way of cooking with charcoal, making their devices safe, quick, and easy to use to create mouth-watering meals. Which are the favourite meals all around the world which can be prepared in charcoal cookers?

  1. Pizza. Everybody’s much loved snack or meal, a pizza prepared cooking with charcoal is crispy, tasty, and full of flavour. You can add some fresh basil after it’s baked, for added freshness and additional taste.
  2. Ribs. Be it spareribs or baby ribs, you will never miss if you make them in charcoal cookers. Add a generous helping of barbeque sauce or experiment with chili sauce if you’re feeling brave.
  3. Burgers. This all-American classic has won millions of followers across the world. Use your charcoal cooker to bake it to red, medium or well-done, according to your preferences.


Outdoor charcoal grills take cooking on charcoal bbq to the next level

If you really want to make the most from cooking on charcoal bbq, then invest in an outdoor charcoal grill. Are you unsure whether this is worth the money and the effort? These reasons might help you make up your mind!

Summer use Winter use
An outdoor charcoal grill is a great centre of any summer party. Make a winter gathering of friends and family members, who can profit from a nice warm dining room, while you sneak off to the grill outside.
Use it for birthdays and family gatherings or invite friends for long summer barbeques. Use the grill to make an open fire and enjoy warming your hands by it.
Friends and family will be grateful that they can bring their pets over as well, since cooking in the open allows for more freedom of movement. Create a romantic family atmosphere by the fire, roasting marshmallows and serving them with hot chocolate.


Learn first-hand how to grill on a charcoal grill

You might have heard scary stories about the difficulty of how to grill in an outdoor charcoal oven. Needless to say, cooking methods have also evolved since your grandad or dad presided over family barbeques. Nowadays, grilling can resemble a hight-tech process more than a fire hazard. Yet, you should not underestimate the dangers involving the level of bitterness and resentment in the family coming to anyone who might serve a burnt steak or a raw burger. Therefore, leave nothing to chance and opt for the most sophisticated and advanced charcoal cookers on the market. The KOPA ovens present a new experience for many passionate grillers, cooks, and chefs alike. What are their main advantages?

  • New horizons. Building on the company tradition of producing and distributing ovens, the KOPA method links innovation and tradition. A mixed team of young enthusiasts and experienced professionals have joined forces to push the results beyond the known limits.
  • Ambition. The motto of the company is to always offer excellence. The sales network extends to many countries across the world, where representatives and customers alike have recognised that the KOPA products have a special advantage to them.
  • Top quality materials. The advantage that always tops KOPA above the competition is simple: no compromise on the materials. That is why the KOPA products not only display the latest technological innovations, but also advances in materials and production steps.

It is the primary concern of anyone at KOPA to offer its clients only the best possible experience.

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