outdoor charcoal oven

Charcoal ovens - grill and oven in one piece

Charcoal ovens Kopa are a wonderful combination of a charcoal grill and an oven in just one appliance, which will complement your restaurant or your home and add the best of each to the modern gastronomy. With our outdoor charcoal oven you will get the authentic flavour of the grilling, the perfect crust, texture, softness and juiciness, and the smoked flavour of the food, prepared with the charcoal ovens, will enrapture you and all your loved ones. Kopa charcoal BBQ with oven are high quality and durable due to the careful and state-of-the-art charcoal oven construction, which will offer you a lifetime of enjoyment and will be the highlight of any picnic or outdoor party.


Benefits of the outdoor charcoal oven

The grill oven might be specially designed to cook meat, but is equally appreciated in many different styles of cooking, because it adds a variety of flavours, textures and aromas in all type of meats, vegetables, seafood, pasta and even desserts. Among other benefits of the charcoal ovens are:

  • Kopa outdoor charcoal ovens are multifunctional: if you work with an opened door/lid, they function as the conventional grills, but just close the lid if you want all the advantages of an oven: the food will be ready up to three times faster and will be more evenly cooked,
  • simplicity: our charcoal oven is very easy to use and maintain,
  • it quickly reaches the desired temperature,
  • makes restaurant quality food,
  • deliciousness: food, prepared with the outdoor charcoal oven, is delicious, since the intense heat of the fire caramelizes the surface of your food and brings out the flavours of the raw ingredients with the addition of smokiness,
  • health: food, prepared with the charcoal fired oven, tends to be much healthier, because it needs less salt and fat to reach the desired taste,
  • convenience: charcoal ovens are convenient, readily available and easy to use. You need one appliance for the whole lunch or dinner, so the mess is minimal.


charcoal ovens

Charcoal ovens Kopa

Our charcoal ovens are the leading grill ovens for professional use in Europe, but can also be used at home. They require minimum installation costs, are fuel efficient, they don’t have any electrical or gas device and work with any type of charcoal. With our outdoor charcoal oven you will cook the most delicious dishes of all kinds, from meat, seafood, potatoes to vegetables, with our charcoal BBQ with pizza oven you can prepare the best pizzas, flatbreads and even pies and deserts. The food will retain its original flavour with a tinge of smoke, associated with grilling, without the danger of over- or undercooking the dish, because when heated the charcoal oven temperature remains constant. Contact us if you have any questions and check our charcoal oven sale for an even better bargain.