What is a charcoal oven?

charcoal ovenA charcoal oven is a perfect combination of charcoal grill and an oven and an ideal companion for many commercial kitchens and homeowners. Charcoal oven is a useful and practical appliance, which can work without electricity or gas. Charcoal oven can be used for starters, main dishes and desserts, since it equally well prepares meat, fish, potatoes, bread, vegetables and pies, croissants and cakes. The charcoal oven restaurant has a higher value and guests enjoy a succulent and tasty grilled food, while it can also be used as an outdoor charcoal pizza oven. The temperature in charcoal oven is between 250o C and 450o C, which means that the pizza can be done in a traditional way in a couple of seconds, and the time of preparation of other food also shortens significantly

Charcoal oven in restaurants, bars, catering (even outdoor) and in any backyard if you want to extend your living space and spend more time with your family and friends outside.
If you’re interested in how to make charcoal oven work and other information, keep reading.

Charcoal ovens in the past

outdoor charcoal pizza ovenThe history of charcoal ovens is as long as the history of fire. When people discovered fire, they quickly established that grilled food is much tastier, digestible and safer than raw one. There were several ways how to make charcoal oven in the past, but all of them included open fire and mostly stony construction. The word barbacoa was used by Native Americans and it had several meanings, one of them related to a wooden rack for cooking food over a low fire. For a very long time the charcoal ovens were the main way to prepare food, but later with the technological development they made room for gas and electric cookers. However, after the Second World War many people moved to the suburbs and into a house, and the backyards with charcoal ovens offered new ways of spending quality time with the family. The idea of an outdoor cooking spread like wildfire. People found new and new ways of how to make charcoal oven, but now there are many high quality charcoal ovens for sale, so you can enjoy the state-of-the-art design and all the benefits of a commercial charcoal oven.

How to make charcoal oven work?

How to make charcoal oven work? Easily! They are perfect for any restaurant, which wants to offer their guests the best. Charcoal ovens for sale at Kopaoven are versatile, practical, of high quality, affordable, economical, time saving and brilliant appliances, which will benefit every restaurant or bar. And there are even less questions related to how to make charcoal oven work at home any home with a yard will soon find that our charcoal oven are indispensable.


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