Charcoal fired oven - the benefits

Charcoal fired oven represents a practical combination of a grill and a charcoal oven. Pizza, meat fish, vegetables, pies and other desserts will have a unique and unforgettable taste. Our charcoal fired oven has many indisputable benefits:

  • charcoal baking ovens are multipurpose and work well for a variety of dishes,
  • charcoal fired oven prepares food much quicker than the traditional oven,
  • it can be used in restaurants, bars, catering, but you can also benefit from it at home,
  • flavour: the food, prepared in our charcoal fired oven, has a unique taste, which will enrapture all the guests: the end result is a juicy grilled dish and charcoal oven pizza will be much better than you can even imagine,
  • charcoal oven temperature is evenly distributed, which results in evenly and quickly baked/roasted food; if you lower the charcoal oven temperature it is also possible to keep the prepared food warm until serving,
  • charcoal fired ovens are economical: they consume considerably less charcoal then the rivals and need less time to prepare the food,
  • design: charcoal fired ovens are of a beautiful, sleek design, which will complement any kitchen - professional or private.

Charcoal oven - pizza, meat, vegetables or desserts?

Charcoal fired ovenCharcoal oven pizza, meat, vegetables or desserts - you don't have to choose. This most uniquely versatile kitchen appliance is perfect for baking or roasting and for preparing most of the dishes. Meat and fish will retain juiciness while having a grilled smoky flavour, and your charcoal oven pizza will have soft and succulent toping and perfect crust. Charcoal fired oven is also great for desserts: pies, cakes, cookies and other sweet goodies will be done in no time.

Charcoal fired oven at Kopaoven

charcoal oven pizzaThere are several models of charcoal fired ovens in our shop:

  • charcoal fired oven type 300,
  • charcoal fired oven type 400,
  • charcoal fired oven type 500
  • and some optional equipment.

All charcoal fired oven types differ in number of covers, grill rack size, model size and weight and all of them also come in several varieties/models. However, all of them are of an excellent quality, beautiful design, can be used as pizza charcoal oven or other food charcoal fired oven and are available at an affordable price. We would like to invite you to browse through our website, check the selection of our charcoal ovens for sale and you can always contact us for more information.


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