The top five reasons for the popularity of charcoal cookers

As the warmers months draw closer, charcoal cookers are gaining in popularity. It is not only that these cookers are more sustainable than for example gas cookers, but their popular image has also improved due to the many advantages that they bring. Read on to find more about the top five benefits that you can get from owning one!

charcoal cookers

Charcoal cookers  – five benefits of their use

1) Natural flavour
Most of us still remember the charcoal cookers that our grandmothers used decades ago. The familiar flavours of the food, prepared on them, have stayed with us since our childhood. That is the foundation that the popularity of this type of cooker can build on.

2) Homely atmosphere
Another step in the direction of recreating memories is the atmosphere of warmth and joy that charcoal cookers bring. Most people owning them will describe the cooking experience as welcoming and hearty, using the adjectives that best describe this type of cooker.

3) Tasty food
Not just because of the special aura encircling the charcoal cookers, the food that comes out of them is delicious and flavoursome. The way the ingredients are prepared and the favours interchanged within the cooker makes for a mouth-watering taste bud experience.

4) Social events
Be it in the kitchen, around a terrace stove or in a holiday cottage, these cookers create a sociable and enjoyable event from the cooking process. Everyone can join in and supervise the cooking, or just sip a glass of wine while waiting for dinner to be ready.

5) Sustainability
By choosing coal pellets you are opting for a natural and sustainable energy source. Sourced locally, the pellets can be a great way to bring more nature into our daily lives and food.



Our favourite recipes for cooking on charcoal grill

Not only is cooking on charcoal grill enjoyable, it also produces tasty meals. Due to the natural preparation without any chemical additives, the ingredients keep their richness in vitamins and minerals. Enjoy some of our most delicious recipes and prepare them on your own device:

  •  Roasted zucchini with parmiggiano cheese:
    Be sure that this will be an instant success with meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. The juiciness of the zucchini, topped with the flavour of the cheese will bring cooking on a grill to the next taste level.
  • Roasted ribs with bbq sauce:
    There is a reason for the popularity of the ribs, and it is called “juicy and spicy”. The crispy rib crust, made by cooking on charcoal grill, coupled with the smooth spiciness of the bbq sauce will make your guests come begging for extras.
  •  Fish and seafood:
    If you have ever tasted squid or octopus, prepared by cooking on charcoal grill, then you will agree that this is among the best choices for making on this type of stove. The soft insides of the seafood or fish are concluded with a crispy finish which gives the dish an edgy twist. Use herbs like oregano, basil or sage, blended with breadcrumbs and flour, to create a special herbal crust.

cooking on charcoal grill

Make the most unforgettable experience from cooking on a charcoal grill

While cooking on a charcoal grill is easy and fun, it also provides for healthy and nutritious meals. In the lines below, we introduce some key advantages of this type of cooking.

  • Children love it.
    Families enjoy gathering around the barbeque, making the fire and preparing the easy dishes to roast. Even the youngest children, as well as the elderly, can be included to make the most of this occasion. Please make sure to take the necessary safety precautions for their well-being and protection, in order to have the best possible cooking experience.
  • Great for parties.
    Roasting and partying have gone hand in hand for many decades. Who hasn’t experienced a birthday party with a bbq or a wedding party, which was organised in bbq style? The easy way or organizing the food and the informal style of the serving are loved by everyone.
  • Come rain or shine.
    Barbeques can be done in any weather. It is true that cooking on a grill is mostly used in the warmer months. Yet there are families that use their cooker in wintertime, too. There is no formal obstacle to doing that, apart from the fact that your hands might get cold. Be use to use proper gloves, while the heat from the cooker will make sure that you keep warm.
  • Independent of energy consumption.
    It is perhaps difficult to imagine, but a barbeque is basically unchanged from what it was centuries ago. That is why it is energetically sustainable and independent from energy sources like gas or electricity. With sustainability defining new directions of our ways of living, this is a forward thinking way of cooking!



cooking on a charcoal grill

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