Catering grilled food with Kopa grill ovens

Our Kopa grill charcoal oven is fully mobile and does not require any gas or electricity supply – it can even be fitted with wheels.


People are very interested in our grill charcoal ovens, especially because of their design and appealing grilled food aroma. Use the Kopa grill charcoal oven to put on a show for your customers, combined with that delicious plate of freshly grilled food. Considering the oven's volume, it has a relatively big capacity.


We also provide devices for loading and unloading the ovens and securing them in delivery vehicles.




What catering providers appreciate

What catering providers appreciate most

  • Oven design that makes it appropriate for grilling in front of customers,
  • Independence from any electricity and gas supply,
  • The show that the oven can provide as a novelty and due to the cooking method,
  • Oven mobility,
  • Quality and aroma of dishes,
  • Cooking speed.


Kopa oven is a grill oven that triggers sighs of amazement!