Professional charcoal OVEN grills from Kopa are the best charcoal barbecues grills available, here’s why.

A professional charcoal grill starts with a desire; to serve your guests with the best, so that they’ll want to spread the word and come back-even going the extra mile- for it. Commercial charcoal charbroilers and professional charcoal oven grills from Kopa, are a delight for ecery kitchen and chef. A Professional charcoal oven grill from Kopa is like no other. Super easy to install and use, fast preparation times and optimum control over the airflow and temperature in the barbeque grill oven. Choosing high grade materials and processing them with accurate craftsmanship, we created the best charcoal barbecue grills ever made.

The best charcoal barbecue grills come from Slovenia

No other professional charcoal grill stands out like a real Kopa commercial charcoal charbroiler. With up to 45% less usage of charcoal, grilling with our professional line of charcoal ovens is bound to give an excellent return on investment. Having found the optimum balance between airflow and heat retention, we are able to deliver a unique fuel efficient charcoal charbroiler for commercial use. Excellent temperature regulation in the charcoal broiler bbq and optimal heat retention through isolation is key to produce the aromas and textures, making them the best charcoal barbecue grills. A barbeque grill oven with formidable regulation options for heat and airflow control. Easy to use and efficient in fuel usage. A perfect charcoal grill for every professional chef.

What if you could sever the best dishes in town?

For finding the best charcoal barbeque grill oven you are at the right address at one of Kopa’s distributors. We see excellent return of investment with our restaurant charcoal charbroiler that are designed for commercial use. If you have great numbers of guests to serve and are looking for a barbeque grill oven, then consider our invention; the Kopa charcoal broiler bbq that we designed for high end use. Whichever model of our professional charcoal grills you choose, great results are very hard to miss. See the user testimonials on our page and find your nearest dealer for a demo of the best charcoal barbeque grills.

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