Charcoal grill oven is the new personal chef

Charcoal grill oven is the latest technology in home grilling and cooking. It combines a regular outdoor grill and a kitchen oven into a charcoal oven grill that becomes your absolute favorite kitchen appliance. Charcoal grill oven is so versatile, yet so easy to use, that it replaces the need for a personal chef – anyone can cook a delicious meal with the Kopa charcoal oven grill.

Why is the charcoal oven grill replacing regular grills and ovens?

The Kopa charcoal grill oven is your personal indoor charcoal grill that lets you cook delicious grilled food throughout the year. It is as multipurpose as it gets: it is a pizza oven charcoal grill and regular oven at the same time. Kopa charcoal grill ovens can also be installed outdoors and used as an outdoor charcoal oven. The Kopa charcoal oven grill is revolutionizing cooking at home and at restaurants, simplifying home grilling and replacing many different appliances with just one simple, energy efficient and easy to use oven.

What are the Kopa charcoal grill oven features and advantages?

The Kopa charcoal oven grill is changing the way people understand grilling and raising the benchmark in the field of professional and home ovens. It is not only incredibly versatile, being an all-in-one appliance (a pizza oven, charcoal grill and regular oven), an indoor grill and an outdoor charcoal oven, it is also very technologically advanced and offers a wide range of advantages over regular ovens and grills, such as:

  • economic efficiency (saves energy and operation costs),
  • speed (saves you at least 30 % of cooking time),
  • versatility (made to prepare a variety of different dishes),
  • manageability (good, simple heat regulation),
  • user-friendly design (a special system that allows you to open the door with one finger) and
  • quality manufacturing.

To recap: there is more than one dish that you can prepare in the charcoal oven: pizza, meat, fish, panned dishes and more. All dishes have a distinct taste, texture and aroma, due to the quick and even distribution of heat. This is the only device that allows you to get that perfect charcoal flavor in oven. Kopa charcoal grill oven also saves you time and money, since you use at least 45 % less charcoal and cook food faster than in any other oven or grill.

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