Charcoal oven for sale at Kopa

Charcoal oven for sale at Kopa will meet all your expectations. No matter if you’re looking for a practical appliance for your restaurant or if you’d like to delight your friends with outdoor picnics, we only offer the best quality charcoal ovens for sale. There are several products at your disposal for different occasions and needs. We offer:

  • basic type 300 charcoal oven for sale,
  • type 300S/300SW which can also turn into an outdoor charcoal oven due to the practical wheels,
  • the charcoal oven type 300 C for home usage,
  • type 300 OC charcoal oven for sale with two heated racks,
  • type 300 SC – 300 SWC charcoal oven for sale for bigger restaurants,
  • type 300 SOC charcoal oven for sale for restaurants and bars with a lot of traffic,
  • Kopa smoking oven.

Outdoor charcoal oven adds value to your restaurant or home

Outdoor charcoal oven can represent a welcomed addition to your restaurant or bar offer, which will attract more customers. Everybody loves grilled food and a good chef can make wonders with our charcoal oven for sale. We can prepare meat, fish, potato, vegetables, even deserts and pizza with our charcoal bbq with pizza oven. Our charcoal oven for sale benefits everybody:

  • your guests will be glad about the speed of the outdoor charcoal oven,
  • your workers will be enthusiastic about its simplicity,
  • owners will appreciate the longevity of the product – the robust and durable charcoal oven construction will ensure a long lifespan of our charcoal oven for sale.

How to use outdoor charcoal oven?

Further we offer some instructions on how to use a charcoal oven. Using it is truly simple and we’re sure anybody can become a master chef really quickly, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • lighting it: using protective gloves light a small piece of charcoal and then add more to achieve a medium fire. Adding to much fuel will result in an overheated charcoal oven, which will be impossible to work with,
  • temperature control: our charcoal ovens for sale have a thermometer which is used to oversee the temperature. The desired temperature depends on the type of dish (e. g. pizza demands higher temperature, vegetables lower),
  • cleaning your outdoor charcoal oven: to retain the quality of food and the product, the charcoal ovens for sale must be cleaned once a fortnight or at least once a month. When the outdoor charcoal oven is not in use, remove the racks and clean them with a wire brush. Use softer brush for the sides and remove any residue on all of the surfaces. Wipe with a wet cloth and return the racks back in the outdoor charcoal oven.

More on how to use a charcoal oven can be found on our website, if in doubt you can always contact our friendly and professional team.

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