An original indoor charcoal OVEN grill for your restaurant sounds like a good idea?

Real restaurants deserve real charcoal oven grills, preparing food indoors on charcoal can be challenging but now there’s Kopa. With an indoor charcoal oven grill from Kopa in your restaurant you can serve your guests with the best of the best, without the hassle of a conventional bbq grill or oven. Having a wood charbroiler that doesn’t make a mess or radiate excessive heat to the surrounding kitchen, our professional indoor charcoal grill will make your restaurant excel. With Kopa, having the perks of charcoal oven grilling is possible without the hassle of conventional barbecue grills, since the design is more like an oven. Well isolated, to grill and bake food optimally, combining the best of the barbeque with the perks of an oven.

Wood charbroilers from Kopa, the best on the market

The best recipes and the finest menus deserve excellent tools for preparation, where perfect is just the start. At Kopa we strive for excellence in every (professional) kitchen, by making indoor charcoal grilling accessible for everyone with robust wood charbroilers and barbeque grills with ovens. With the indoor charcoal bbq grill in our assortment, we at Kopa are proud to serve restaurant kitchens the five star treatment they deserve.

Barbeque grill ovens to dream of

Looking for the best indoor charcoal grill for restaurants? Years of development went into our Kopa ovens to create the best commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurants. Now you can grill and bake your best recipes on an original Kopa barbecue oven, and be amazed of the difference in flavor, texture and preparation time. A barbeque grill oven to be proud of, one you can show to others and surprise guests. The wood charbroilers we make at Kopa are incomparable in price to quality ratio, longevity and performance. Our Kopa range is the excellent choice for an indoor charcoal oven grill for your restaurant.

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