Charcoal pizza oven makes pizza better!

Charcoal pizza oven will surpass any pizza experiences you might have. It will be prepared much quicker than in the traditional oven. In the regular gas oven the pizza is baked for about 8 to 15 minutes, charcoal pizza oven bakes it in 2 to 5 minutes (depending on the thickness). Food, prepared on a grill, is healthier and the same is true for a charcoal pizza oven. Due to the quicker baking, the toppings retain all the nutrients (the longer cooking/baking reduces the nutritional value of food). Charcoal pizza oven is versatile and can also be used for other purposes -with it we can prepare most of the starters, main dishes and desserts. Charcoal oven in a restaurant will add value to your food and the guests will keep coming for more.

Charcoal oven in a restaurant, bar or catering

Charcoal oven in a restaurant is a practical and smart choice, because it simplifies the food preparation, makes it much quicker and because everybody enjoys the taste of grilled food. Charcoal oven in a restaurant is an investment which returns quickly, the installation costs are low, the charcoal oven construction is sturdy and will last for a long time. Charcoal oven prices at Kopaoven are affordable and you can even safe on energy – namely, the food prepared in a charcoal pizza oven uses less charcoal and is done in no time! Your chefs will immediately learn how to use a charcoal oven, and the working conditions in the kitchen will improve significantly.

7 reasons to use charcoal pizza oven

Are you still not convinced that a charcoal oven for your restaurant or home is a good idea? There are more reasons:

  • charcoal pizza oven will allow you to offer something different and special and will differentiate you from the competitors;
  • it’s a ritual: preparing food with a charcoal oven pizza is a special ritual, which will enrapture you and your guests,
  • the food will have a rich, juicy, smoky, authentic grilling flavour and a perfect crust,
  • the working temperature is higher,
  • the charcoal pizza oven heats up quickly; after the usage you can put it on standby or lower the temperature and keep the prepared food warm,
  • charcoal pizza oven reduces the cooking time and with that the costs,
  • almost no maintenance is required.

For more instructions on how to use a charcoal oven or additional information about our charcoal oven construction, charcoal ovens for sale or charcoal oven prices, feel free to contact us any time.

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