Charcoal grill pizza oven for sale – discover a charcoal oven pizza!

Charcoal pizza oven from our range combines traditional charcoal lighting with more modern technical features, resulting in an incomparable flavour. We have many different models, including a mountable, compact size oven from the 300 line, with the option of added wheels, which stands for a convenient outdoor charcoal pizza oven solution. Charcoal ovens should be about high energy and short warming-up time, and this is exactly what we at Kopa oven strive for – to offer a modern, durable and reliable charcoal pizza oven for sale, which saves both time and money and deliver the best pizza in a blink of an eye.

What novelties do our modern charcoal pizza ovens for sale offer?

Our charcoal pizza ovens feature specially designed warming cabinet, which features an aluminium alloy for better heat spreading. Separate compartments, placed under the warming cabinet, can be especially handy for warming up the dough before preparing it for ingredients. Rotating cavity is carefully constructed so that the entire surface is baked evenly. Pizza oven charcoal grill is an important part of getting an impressive, juicy flavour, which is why we introduced charcoal bbq with pizza oven, which will undoubtedly thrill bbq lovers.


And what about the cost of these advanced charcoal pizza ovens?

One of the problems of the upper-grade charcoal pizza ovens for sale is definitely their price, which can be quite high and represent the major cost when entering the business. It’s important for us to offer a fair price, which will gain the popularity of our ovens and coal-fired food in general. Our oven models represent a great ratio between price and quality, and they won`t cost a fortune – this is why we are the only real charcoal oven manufacturer choice when equipping the charcoal oven restaurant.

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