Charcoal oven restaurant attracts more guests

Charcoal oven restaurant undoubtedly attracts more guests. We all love grilled food and the alluring smell will immediately notify anybody in the vicinity that your charcoal oven restaurant serves something special. If you want to be another step ahead, surprise your customers with outdoor charcoal pizza oven.
At Kopa we offer different charcoal ovens for restaurants, bars, other catering services and homes. We ensure:
– best charcoal oven prices,
– highest quality charcoal ovens for restaurants,
– renowned charcoal oven brands,
– multifunctional device for grilling and baking (even outdoor charcoal pizza oven),
– stationed or portable charcoal bbq ovens,
– easy usage and
– longevity of all our charcoal ovens for restaurants.
We kindly invite you to browse through our products. In case you have additional questions regarding charcoal oven prices, charcoal oven making, charcoal oven temperature etc., our professional and friendly team is at your disposal.

Tips for using outdoor charcoal pizza oven

Outdoor charcoal pizza oven is a perfect appliance for preparing this tasty Italian dish. With our Kopa charcoal ovens for restaurants you can easily compete with the best Italian pizza restaurants, but to achieve even better results, we offer some tips:
– outdoor charcoal pizza oven requires no special dough, so prepare it after your usual recipe,
– top your pizza sparingly: you can add any ingredient you like, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Over-topping will result in soggy crust, so here less is more;
charcoal oven temperature: when you use your outdoor charcoal pizza oven pay attention to temperature. Neapolitan pizza is baked at very high temperature (485oC). With the charcoal ovens for restaurants, you can use lower temperatures, but adjust the amount of time for baking;
– timing: traditional Neapolitan pizza is baked 60 to 90 seconds. Yes, that’s it. However, if you set lower temperature for your charcoal ovens for restaurants, it might take a couple of minutes more.

Which charcoal oven for restaurants to choose?

When choosing your charcoal oven for restaurant, go for quality. Outdoor charcoal pizza oven is an investment, which must ensure long lifespan and outstanding food, otherwise you will regret your decision. At Kopa we offer only high quality charcoal ovens for sale and at affordable charcoal oven prices. Each product on the website is equipped with the detailed description, however, if you want more information on our charcoal ovens for restaurants, feel free to contact us at any time.

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