Charcoal oven

Our charcoal ovens are made for professional use in restaurants. Charcoal oven are made for outside or inside use. A way of how to make a charcoal oven interesting for your clients is in presentation cooking. Because they are made to be mobile, you can move them around if you cook outdoor. The charcoal oven in restaurants is very attractive cooking device to the customers. And once your customers taste that unique bbq aroma, they will return.


Our concern was how to make charcoal oven for indoor and outdoor use


When we started to plan how to make a charcoal oven we encountered many problems and questions. One of our main questions was about energy efficiency of charcoal oven. How to make a charcoal oven energy efficient? Our answer was to make charcoal oven with special insulation and door opening system. Another important question was about making our charcoal oven look appealing to people. A decision was made to make a charcoal oven with contemporary design which has minimalistic lines and gives a modern appearance. Next question was how to make charcoal oven for outdoor and indoor use? We made it possible with a special chimney that we developed so it doesn`t need any kind of additional installations to work. How to make a charcoal oven mobile for catering? With additional unit placed under the charcoal oven and which is fitted with wheels. When we were trying to solve the question about how to make a charcoal oven for restaurants with different capacities, our solution was to make three different types. How to make a charcoal oven that would hold fire for two shifts in a restaurant was one of important questions. Our charcoal ovens are made with two vents that control the fire. When these two vents are closed, temperature in the charcoal oven will drop to around 150?C and it will stay there for quite some time. With opening two vents the fire will come on again and you can start to cook.


Charcoal flavour is perfect for almost all dishes


Slow smouldering of charcoal and consistent temperature give meat, fish, vegetables, pizzas and other dishes in pans that distinct flavour and a great texture. The charcoal flavour in oven is unique, it goes well will almost all sorts of dishes. Cooking in our oven is economic and quick. Charcoal oven doesn`t need anything else but charcoal, no electricity or gas are needed. You just have to fire it up, wait for the rise of temperature and start cooking.

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