Charcoal oven restaurants

Our charcoal oven are made for professional use in restaurants. No matter if you have a small restaurant or a big restaurant, we have different kinds of charcoal oven in various sizes. The smallest model of charcoal oven is made for small restaurants like fast food restaurants or food trucks. These charcoal ovens are made for restaurants with up to 50 seats. Second model of our charcoal oven is recommended for middle sized restaurants with up to 90 seats which menus base on grilled food. The biggest model is best for big restaurants with up to 110 seats. If you have our charcoal oven in a restaurant you will certainly attract more customers that like grilled food. Food that is cooked in our charcoal oven has a distinct aroma and great texture. You can put the charcoal oven outdoor for catering. Eating food that is prepared outdoor in a charcoal oven, has its charm. All restaurants that have a terrace, will put their charcoal oven outdoor in summer months. Because of appealing look of our charcoal ovens, customers are usually curios how charcoal oven works. Your customers will be very impressed if you cook outdoor in front them.

Our charcoal ovens for restaurants offer grilling, preheating and heating of food

We have put many thoughts in charcoal oven making so we are proud of the result. When we made our first oven, we were so pleased with it that we started marketing it. In only 18 months our charcoal oven started to sell worldwide. Our clients are restaurants who offer grilled food and want to serve their clients exceptional meals. Besides grilling, our charcoal ovens can also be used for preheating large cuts of meat for quicker cooking. They can also become charcoal heating ovens for keeping cooked food at the right temperature before serving. Some models of our charcoal oven offer heating racks which are great for temporary disposal of prepared food and plates. Racks are practical because they offer easy and quick access unlike heating units with doors.

Our charcoal ovens make restaurants chef work easier

Restaurants can fit our charcoal oven in their kitchen without making any additional changes. Charcoal oven is simply placed under an existing extractor hood. Our charcoal oven doesn`t need anything else but charcoal, no electricity or gas is needed. Restaurants chef don`t need to worry about additional heat from our charcoal oven because they have special insulation. So because of that their work is easier and they can concentrate only on that.

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